Then I Decided to Become a Mom.

(I should lead with the information that this pertains to a cat. I got a cat. I am not acquiring a human child. Commence communal sigh of relief.)

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, let’s chat about my new parenthood, shall we?

I had considered a cat for quite a while. Thought a cat might be the perfect fit and the timing was good. I had reservations, naturally, but then this tiny little black kitten came along and it just seemed right. She seemed right. She seemed like she was supposed to be mine.

So I did it. I took her in. We are less than 24 hours into me being a cat-parent and so far it is going okay. (I don’t know what cat people call themselves that doesn’t sound strange…)  


But maybe I should break this whole situation down for you in list format, huh? Yay for lists!


  1. I have never owned a cat and didn’t grow up with cats.
  2. I had one roommate for about 8 months who had a cat. It was okay.
  3. I don’t really know anything about cats, like how they work or anything.
  4. I’m slightly allergic. But once I get used to a particular one, I’m pretty good.
  5. I’m not really a dog or cat person per-say. I like dogs and cats equally. I like all animals actually.


  1. This cat will scratch up my furniture. Or break some of my vases. I keep my place pretty nice and like it that way.
  2. This cat will make my place smell bad. Or make a mess. Or be annoying.
  3. Even with their notorious independence, I’m concerned this cat will tie me down and make traveling more difficult. I do NOT do well with being tied down. (As several ex-boyfriends can attest to.)
  4. I will become a weird cat person who always wants to talk about her cat. Or cats in general (I would like to maintain my dog vs cat neutrality, thankyouverymuch.)
  5. No one will want to date a girl who owns a cat. (It’s a random fear, I know.)

danidid blogspot


  1. This cat will be a chill companion, independent yet loving. Like me!
  2. This cat will be a positive addition to my life and home. Not a destructive addition.
  3. This cat will be a nice presence to come home to and someone (something?) to bestow love upon. I have been called out as maternal and this will give me someplace to put that energy.
  4. This cat will bring me happiness.
  5. This cat will be the coolest cat ever and I will teach her to do tricks and dance and everyone will be impressed and be all like “wow, that is indeed the coolest cat ever.” And then we will go on tv or have a viral YouTube or Vine and make millions and be beloved by nations near and far. Wars will cease because of this cat. World peace will be achieved because of this cat. The world will be a better, happier, more loving place full of rainbows and sunshine and unicorns because of this cat.  Hogwarts will become a real school, not just fiction, because of this cat. There will never be any spoilers released for G.O.T. and George RR Martin will finish the damn books because of this cat. All the good tv shows canceled before their time will come back and all reality tv shows banned (excluding Project Runway) because of this cat. All people will be good and strive to better themselves and the human race because of this cat.

(A girl has got to have lofty hopes, right?)

So yeah. That’s about it. I’m trying to not be annoying and talk about her all the time, but this is all new to me. Which makes it both scary and very exciting. So far she’s a very friendly and cuddly kitten with a propensity to purr a ton. So far we are getting along just fine.


Let’s see if I still am this twitterpated with new pet ownership in a couple weeks, shall we?

Fingers crossed.

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