I went for a pseudo vision quest… and found Spring Break instead.

I’ve never read the book “Eat, Pray, Love” but my vague understanding of it is that the main character takes a year to do the aforementioned things to find herself or something like that. I’ve been going through some soul searching lately, feeling lost in work and life in general. While I’m all about the … More I went for a pseudo vision quest… and found Spring Break instead.

Single Persons Guide to Surviving the Holidays.

Continue to be your amazing, wonderful self. Remember that you are not defined by your relationship status. (True every day of every month of every year, but worth a reminder.) Do everything like you normally would over the holidays. Protest the season or go all out… totally up to you, boss. Save money on presents. Spend it on … More Single Persons Guide to Surviving the Holidays.

Pie Hero

I just had this text conversation with my mom. Please recall, I’m a 32 year old woman with a professional job and a couple degrees and an awesome apartment I live in without roommates and a pet I haven’t killed and some plants that are alive still too. In all general aspects, I’m a grown-ass woman. … More Pie Hero

Monday Zebras

Still reeling a little from the Paris attacks and dealing with the hatred and violence that exists in this world, I thought we could all use something light and fluffy and fun this morning. So here it is…. some zebras escaped from the Philadelphia zoo on Sunday and ran around for a while. No one … More Monday Zebras

Today is a good day.

Today is going to be a good day. First off, you’ll recall that you have a lot of great things happening today. And that you are capable of accomplishing anything. The radio is going to play that song you have been obsessed with. There’s a good chance that you are going to hit all the green lights.

Ridiculously Specific Fashion Wants

Fashion is a funny thing, often skewing strongly to personal preferences. (Not to mention the particularities of body type, comfort, place in life, etc.) Some fashions are universal. Some are classic. Some are terrifying. However there are a handful of little fashion elements I have noticed myself gravitating towards in the last several years. Discussions with friends … More Ridiculously Specific Fashion Wants

Love is Love

I’m feeling a bit sappy today, due in part to the old “Woot, It’s Friday” bug, so bear with me… this post is practically sarcasm free and full of sunshine and rainbows. You’ve been warned. The funny thing is, I was thinking about writing this post before the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage came in today. … More Love is Love

Floating Along.

Sometimes I feel like I am floating along in life. Not drifting and not aimless, though.  No, I picked my river and hopped in my boat purposefully. But for now I am letting the current dictate my speed. I’m not paddling. I’m just here, watching the bank float by. I feel like I’m standing still … More Floating Along.

Guerrilla Compliments

I like to understand things. I’m a logical creature, usually able to reason out someones’ intentions or motivation for an action, whether or not I agree with it or condone said action. But there are those little things in life, those moments that just completely boggle your brain because they don’t make sense. They do … More Guerrilla Compliments

Juror #4967

I’m early, per usual. They make a big deal about limited parking and arriving with enough time to get through security and check in. It’s all a breeze and now I sit in a large room, chairs lined up like eager orderly cadets awaiting occupants and orders. I stare blankly at the art wall in … More Juror #4967

An Ode To Naps

Children are idiots, so adamantly against missing even a minute of the day with sleep. With age comes wisdom, as well as appreciation for the delicious luxury that is a good nap. I would just like to take a minute and send out a warm, cuddly thank you to some of my favorite types of … More An Ode To Naps

Censoring Myself

Press Publish put out a conversation starter this week about the pros, cons and reasons for writing your blog anonymously. Consider it a complete success, because it certainly got me thinking… Writing has always been one of the ways I most effectively process things. My sporadically utilized diary from elementary school can attest to that … More Censoring Myself

Let’s Talk about the Weather.

I’m actually serious. I want to talk about the weather. For realsies. This past week in Colorado, we were repeatedly warned about this epic snowstorm coming our way (Thanks for FINALLY sharing the snow, Boston, you greedy minx.) It was the conversation that dominated office water coolers sessions, Facebook, and the local news.

Dating by Checklist

As a fun game today, I decide to make myself a checklist… specifically an ideal-person-to-date checklist. A totally shallow, one-dimensional list of requirements, nay a custom order of what I would like to find in a romantic partner. Is this realistic or even vaguely healthy? Nope. But I’m feeling like if I ask for Mary … More Dating by Checklist

Romantic Remnants

We all have them, those seemingly left-over items still in our possession once a relationship has run it’s course. You give back (or throw out, depending on the level of civility in the breakup I suppose) the big things, clothing, books, the toothbrush you kept at their house. The major items which trigger intense feelings … More Romantic Remnants

In a Rut.

Guys, I’m officially in a rut. No, that isn’t truly accurate. I don’t feel like I’m repeating the same activities all the time. I do feel like I am falling into a box though, a box with raising walls and lessening views of the horizon. And I want out. – – – – –

On Off-Limits

Girl Thing #12 That I Don’t Understand: I don’t believe in calling dibs on men. I just don’t. It doesn’t make sense and I cannot respect it. You can’t do that.