I AM like other girls.

I will admit that in the past, on more than one occasion, I have uttered the words “I’m not like a typical girl.”

And I’m realizing that statement is a complete lie.

With that in mind, I’m working on removing it from my vocabulary entirely. It’s reductive and demeaning and ridiculously trite.

Plus straight-up not true.

And that is a good thing.

Here’s why:

Lie #1: I’m not girlie like other girls.

I grew up with brothers. I’ve always been more of a tom-boy and into sports and not a big fan of flowery pink stuff. I generally prefer action movies to chick flicks.

But I’ve also had fun the last couple years exploring a little more of my softer side, primarily from an aesthetic standpoint. Yes, I still like my eye liner and rocker-chick look but I am becoming more accepting of the desire to sometimes just look pretty and soft and approachable. The longer my hair gets, the more I’m leaving it loose in soft waves.

I also own the complete series of Sex and the City on DVD. It is both pink and girlie and I love it.


Lie #2: I’m straight-forward with my feelings… not like other girls.

Which is sorta a bunch of crap. Lots of times yes, I am very straight-forward. But I’m also a peace-maker at heart and sometimes being straight-forward with feelings is more likely to hurt someone. So I will keep my feelings to myself and lie through omission even when asked point blank.

Sometimes it takes me a while to work out what my feelings are which comes across as suppressing them. I can be gossipy as well, though my intentions are generally to vent frustrations versus spread rumors.

So I’m straight-forward with feels… except when I’m not.



Lie #3: I’m not the domestic kind… I’m a career girl.

My career is a major driver in my life. I wasn’t interested in serious relationships in high school because I was already so focused on college and career goals. I wasn’t going to let puppy love hold me back in life.

Except I love cooking and baking and taking care of people. I adore hosting parties and events, making sure everyone is comfortable and content before I can settle down. I’ve been referred to as mom by friends on multiple occasions, I’m over-protective of friends and family, and enjoy mentoring/helping those younger than me.

I’d like to be a mom someday. I think I would do a darn good job too. I would make one heck of a ’50s house wife in so many ways.



Lie #4: I am interesting and unique…

And blah blah blah… just like other girls.

I’m complex and simple, I’m sarcastic and bubbly, I’m a study in contradictions. Just like so many other girls, or as I should be saying, women I know.

In the end I’m simply human, just like the rest of you out there. With all the good and all the bad that goes with that.


Being like so many other girls out there is pretty wonderful.

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