I Want To Go To There: Beach Edition

So it’s the first REAL snow of the year today in Colorado. I do love snow and winter and all that stuff…. well, okay, up until early January when holidays are over and I am over winter.

Naturally the first cold snap has me thinking about running away to the tropics. Sometimes a girl just needs to look at some travel eye candy to get through the day, amiright?

So here are the top 5 remote beaches I want to go to, ASAP (please):

1. Yasawa Islands, Fiji.

Via: madtravelshop.com
Via: madtravelshop.com

First off, they filmed Blue Lagoon here. Though there are some resorts, it is a remote location well known for backpacking and blue waters. Tourism was completely closed off until 1987, keeping quite a bit of these volcanic island chain pristine.

Oh, and the easiest way to get there? A catamaran. (Yes, please)

Sounds like perfection to me.   (Travel Info)

2. La Digue, Seychelles.

Via: seychellesbookings.com
Via: seychellesbookings.com

Part of the Seychelles island group off the eastern coast of Africa, this relatively small 10 square km island is primarily traversed by bicycle. Beautiful beaches exist of course, and a diverse mix of ethnic groups make for a unique and varied cuisine.

Also, they have giant tortoises. Bonus!  (Travel info)


3. Ko Phi Phi Leh Island, Thailand.

Via: latimes.com
Via: latimes.com

Southeast from Phuket, this is where they filmed that unreal looking paradise from The Beach. There are in fact two protected bays surrounded by steep limestone cliffs. Still mostly undeveloped, its ideal for some rustic camping and getting away from it all.

There are also some pretty neat looking caves if you somehow get tired of beach perfection. Probably won’t find a circa 2000 Leonardo DiCaprio hanging around, but you can’t win them all.  (Travel Info)


4. Corcovada National Park, Costa Rica.

Via: limewave.com
Via: limewave.com

An apparently diverse biological area, with 13 different ecosystems to backpack through, I would have no complaints about Costa Rica. But focusing on the beach, along a 23-mile stretch you can find waterfalls, coconut trees and beautiful quiet beaches.

You may find yourself swimming with hammerhead sharks, though there haven’t ever been any reported attacks. Danger is sexy?   (Travel Info)

5. Tulum, Mexico.

Via: lotusrisingretreats.com
Via: lotusrisingretreats.com

A mile and a half from Mayan ruins will put you on a surreal white sandy beach on the Caribbean. Although more tourism has come through in the last several years (pushing my definition of remote), electricity is still sparse and the small town welcoming.

I would vote for a rustic thatch bungalow right on the sands.  (Travel Info)

So, when are we leaving?!?

4 thoughts on “I Want To Go To There: Beach Edition

  1. Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures! I don’t live somewhere that snows, but we are currently having a miserable, rainy day in Los Angeles and looking at these pictures made me happy!

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