Dating by Checklist

As a fun game today, I decide to make myself a checklist… specifically an ideal-person-to-date checklist. A totally shallow, one-dimensional list of requirements, nay a custom order of what I would like to find in a romantic partner.

Is this realistic or even vaguely healthy? Nope. But I’m feeling like if I ask for Mary Poppins, I might just get Mary Poppins blowing in on the next change of the wind. It could happen. No harm in putting it out there, right?

(I’m leaving out what I believe to be obvious deal breakers such as racist, misogynist, multiple rampant addictions, compulsive liar, anger issues, already married, etc. etc.)


– – – – – –

  • Tall. Tall is good. 6’0″+
  • Along that line, I like lean, think soccer player build.
  • Somewhere in a +\- 5 year window of my age, or more importantly, at the same stage of  life as me.
  • Blue eyes, maybe because of some subconscious desire to pass along that recessive gene to my proverbial children.
  • Speaking of kids, must want them. Or at least like them.
  • Athletic or sporty, so we can hike or play vball together and attend the occasional professional sporting event.
  • No smoking. Eww.
  • Wears a helmet when they ride a bike or ski (aka, has a healthy respect for safety vs fear of looking lame)
  • Speaking of health, must do some sort of exercise and not just eat unhealthy crap.
  • Also can’t be a gym rat. Moderation and balance are sexy.
  • Must like the water – being in it, on it, near it. Yes, even while living in a land-locked state.
  • Must not be a homebody, but should also help me be more of one.
  • Can’t have terrible grammar, particularly in texting.
  • Can’t think that texting is an appropriate way to conduct most conversations.
  • Can’t be a compulsive cell phone checker… has to primarily unplug and interact with life and other people.
  • Can’t think startling me is funny or amusing.
  • Can’t like scary movies.
  • Must be cuddly and affectionate. But not too much in public.
  • Must be cool with the fact that I now own a cat.
  • Must like animals in general.
  • Can’t have a problem with my whole vegetarian thing.
  • Can’t only eat really spicy things.
  • Must appreciate wine.

Totally reasonable, right? Not at all unrealistic or focusing on the unimportant things, huh? I’m not at all like this guy who wrote the longest most specific dating list in the history of life. There are certainly no ridiculous deal-breakers in there at all.

(Is now a good time to remind you, dear reader, that I am as sarcastic as the day is long?)


– – – – – –

Now I’m going to take that checklist and throw it out the window.
Because honestly, most of that crap up above is superficial and fluid and at the end of the day, quite meaningless.

So let us try once more.

Presenting my new dating checklist, now with more common sense!

1. Must have an adventurous spirit.
2. Must have a sense of humor that vibes with mine.
3. Must have passions and interests in life that drive them.
4. Must be kind. (Especially to old people and animals.)
5. Must enjoy just spending time with me just being and visa versa. Lots of real life is just being vs doing and I would like that to be enjoyable.

Yep, that’s it.

And a much better list, I believe. If you have those five things, everything else can work itself out in time.

So I won’t watch for a changing wind and my proverbial Mary Poppins. I’ll just keep building a life that I love and hope someone kind and adventurous and motivated shows up and thinks I’m funny too.

‘Cause that sounds a bit like perfection to me.


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