My Pinterest Me: Fashion Edition

The Pinterest version of myself is QUITE the fashionable creature.

Mark Twain on Fashion

My Pinterest Me has both the complexion and fastidious nature to wear an all white and beige outfit with confidence.

My Pinterest Me dons tall boots with tailored suit shorts without wandering into Pretty Woman territory.

My Pinterest Me will mix and match diverse prints with the casualness of throwing together a garden salad.

My Pinterest Me easily channels Audrey Hepburn with a nice pleated skirt, fitted simple black top and pop of red shoes.

My Pinterest Me has the audacity to rock a sheep pattern wool sweater, not ironically.via:

My Pinterest Me throws together classic but inspirational clothing combos from her own collection, just to kill some time.

My Pinterest Me insists on elbow patches on all cardigans for a female Indian Jones appealing-professor vibe.

My Pinterest Me can tie a scarf in 75 different configurations, INCLUDING the Rosie The Rivitor – esque headwrap without messing up her hair.

My Pinterest Me has never been seen without at least one leather element, because she is a tough chick.

My Pinterest Me combos said leather with some lace because she is secretly girly.via:

My Pinterest Me wears a petticoat skirt without evoking Pilgrim comparisons, fedoras without looking like a tool, and these socks without going all Victorian Costume.

My Pinterest Me rocks crazy fancy heels to work, running errands, on a jog, and while vacuuming.

My Pinterst Me dresses in a manner which perfectly and artfully explains her complex, profound personality while leaving a lasting impression of her alluring mystery.

My Pinterest Me creates outfits that have made artists weep in jealousy and commonly inspires spontaneous fashion shoots whenever in public.

My Pinterest Me isn’t real. But maybe someday.silver and lemon - someecards fashion funny humor pinintrest

*Note: All links are actual pins from my “wear this” board.

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