Ridiculously Specific Fashion Wants

Fashion is a funny thing, often skewing strongly to personal preferences. (Not to mention the particularities of body type, comfort, place in life, etc.) Some fashions are universal. Some are classic. Some are terrifying.

However there are a handful of little fashion elements I have noticed myself gravitating towards in the last several years. Discussions with friends have proven I am not alone in enjoying these fashion trends.

So here are my top 5 tips to make all of woman’s fashion a better place.

(Prepare yourself for some grandiose aspirations. It’s going to get profound up in here.)


– – – – –

1. Hoods for adults.

Hoodies must have hoods big enough for ponytails. It’s the worst when they have these tiny little hoods and you have an up-do. When it starts snowing and I attempt to cover up my head, it looks like a hood made for a child, not a be-bunned lady.

For those of you without giant heads, let me tell you that the struggle is real. No matter the hair style de jour.

And while you are at it, and I’m requesting things, can we include thumb holes too?

Via: candyapplecostumes.com
Via: candyapplecostumes

2. Thumb holes for all.

I heart thumb holes. All semi athletic long sleeve shirts should have thumb holes. Actually, any long sleeve shirt should have these. They are comforting, like a little safety blanket for the bottom half of your hand.

And then you don’t have to be like the guy below who did not know what to do with his thumbs.

Yes, that is a tattoo.

Via: pinterest
Via: pinterest

3. Front pockets with purpose.

Front pockets on pants to be just a tiny bit deeper or bigger so I can fit a lip gloss in there, not just my Burt’s Bees chap-stick. I feel like there is room. I’m just asking for another inch of depth, max.

Pockets should have some sort of function if they are going to be there, right?

Plus, a decent pocket lets me do without my purse whenever possible. Oh, the sweet freedom of two arms and hands free of the confining restrictions of a purse!

Via: jackthreads.com
Via: jackthreads.com

4. Pockets for athletes.

Speaking of pockets, why do any women’s athletic pants and shorts not have a little pocket for your cell phone?

They should. All of them. Let’s make it mandatory.

Via: imagekb.com
Via: imagekb.com

5. Pockets in all dresses, too.

Pockets in everything, really.

Primarily for your hands, because your clothing will look strange if you have a phone weighing down one side. It just will. I have photo evidence of this.

But sometimes when you are waiting somewhere and are wearing a dress, it’s quite pleasant to have diverse posing options available. Pockets help this.

Pose like Beckham = look cool. Or something.

Via: dailymail.co.uk
Via: dailymail.co.uk

– – – – –

There you go, fashion world. I’m giving out this brilliant advice for free. Now go, and make the world of woman’s fashion a better, more be-pocketed and thumb-holed place!

I’m a woman of simple pleasures.


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