20 Good/Bad Things About Your 20’s

So, internets, I am no longer a no-good, very-bad liar. As of last Sunday I officially said so-long to my twenties and am OFFICIALLY a 30-something.

It feels great to no longer be living a blogging-lie.

Since I don’t believe in regrets or living in the past or anything like that, I don’t have any interest in talking about what I will miss about being in my 20’s. They were wonderful, they happened and I experienced many things… I wouldn’t change a thing, but I also wouldn’t go back.  I am content to be where I am in life.

However, to say goodbye, celebrate and reminisce about an important decade in my life, I have compiled a list. Here are 20 things that were either wonderful about being in my twenties or things that I am glad to have experienced already.

Also, lists are awesome.


1.  Defining Yourself: Starting to learn what you really like to do, who you are outside of your family setting, finding favorite activities, and starting to define yourself career-wise.

2.  So Many Firsts:  First time leaving home, moving out of state, cooking for yourself ALL THE TIME, having your own place, and navigating so many firsts of becoming an adult.

3.  First Love:  Truly being in love for the first time and understanding what that means; growing with someone, learning about adult relationships, defining what you want in life, moving in with a significant other and learning about love… with all it’s highs and lows.

4.  Cheap Travel: Having your eyes opened to international travel, backpacking internationally in hostels, all while taking advantage to a plethora of student discounts.

5.  Dating the Wrong Ones, On Purpose: Dating typologies as a learning experience, knowing they weren’t the one. No one questioning where it was going while you had fun.

6.  Let’s All Hang: Developing a broad social group with minimal obligations. Big parties, game nights, group hangouts and adventures were numerous and really easy to organize.

7.  Ice Cream by the lb: Super late movie nights with girlfriends with cartons of ice cream. Learning that some of the best soul searching conversations (and naps) happen this way.

8.  My Liver: The ability to make poor alcohol decisions and wake up the next day feeling like sunshine. Also first legal access to alcohol and discovering different bar scenes.

via: dumbledoreshotfirst.blogspot.com
via: dumbledoreshotfirst.blogspot.com



9.  So Lost: All the uncertainty and self doubt and confusion and insecurity… accompanied by being willing to put up with a lot of crap from others.

10.  Insulated Network: Having a small range of variety in connections and friends that generally all lived in the same area or did the same thing.

11.  Grey-Area Relationships:  Being in a strange in-between with parents. Still asking them for money all the time and not quite to a true friendship/peer level with them yet.

12.  First Soul-Crushing Heartbreak: Not all firsts are fun, and with first true love often comes first real heartbreak. A good learning experience but one I am glad to be done with.

13.  Late Late Nights: Thinking good things happen after 1am when you are out. Nothing good ever happens after 1am. Ever. Trust me, I tested this MANY times.

14.  Social Judgement: Feeling embarrassed and lame for staying in on a weekend.

15.  So Many Shots: Solo cups and shots being the go-to celebration option. I don’t miss the lack of hang-out creativity/variety. (Wine and cheese party, anyone?)

16.  Alcohol-Ignorance: Thinking Keystone Light is the end-all-be-all and having a very limited appreciation for wine. Because now I know wine is delicious, as are Trippels.

17.  Bad Food: Having a close-minded palate for food and being willing to put Taco Bell in my body. (Why did I waste so many years NOT eating brie?!?)

18.  Living in Squalor: Being content living in crummy places with questionable cleanliness, roommates, sleeping arrangements, decor, appliances, and legality.

19.  Professional Overcompensation: Feeling the need to overdo it in order to be taken seriously professionally because everyone thinks you are too young. That half adult, half kid vibe that you give off in your 20’s. Wearing flip flops to the office didn’t help either.

20.  Ahhhh! Money: Getting paid minimum wage, internships and my first complete money freak out / panic. Basically learning to live responsibly, not paycheck to paycheck. (Wait, still kinda learning that one…)

via: mrwgifs.com
via: mrwgifs.com


So bring it on, 30’s. I look forward to looking back on you fondly in 10 years and recalling all your wonderful experiences as well as the things that I am glad to have completed on the old life-experiences check list.

3 thoughts on “20 Good/Bad Things About Your 20’s

  1. I like your sense of humor. 🙂

    I am in my early twenties and I pretty much force myself to go out on Friday and Saturday nights. I force myself to down mind-numbing tequila shots so I can feel all YOLO. :/

    What is this madness?? I can’t wait until it is socially acceptable for me to just stay at home in my sweats and watch documentaries all day.

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