Luckily not lactose-intolerant… oh, and I might have a cheese problem.

I went grocery shopping the other day to pick up a couple essentials.

At some point, I looked down at my cart to see the following:


(This was not after only going through the dairy section either… I was pretty much done.)

You may happen to notice there is a theme to my cart. Namely that of dairy.

I am sure that this is terrible for me?

I am clearly obsessed with dairy products and pretty sure that 75% of my diet is dairy. (An exaggeration, but still…)  I consume primarily low-fat dairy other than the occasional cheese, and minimize the processing when possible. I have not, and never will, purchase american cheese. (Cheese Snob, guilty as charged) Other than dairy I eat mostly veggies and fruits and legumes and the occasional meat product. So kinda healthy, right?

There are a bunch of articles telling me why I shouldn’t eat so much (or any) dairy. But let’s be honest guys… I am not actually going to read them or follow any of their input.


Well, according the the highly scientific WebMD, dairy can provide needed calcium, potassium and vitamin D. And milk does the body good, right?

If I am being honest, that isn’t really the reason. This is:

  • Because dairy is delicious.
  • Drinking milk fills my day with sunshine and rainbows.
  • Yogurt or Kefir is my favorite breakfast ever.
  • I have no negative physical reactions to dairy products.
  • And because cheese makes me fundamentally happy.

It really all comes down to cheese.


Tasty, tasty cheese.


All of the cheeses. From all the places.

Via: catpacks.tumblr
Via: catpacks.tumblr

Any time of day is good for cheese.

Via: gorgeousprettybeauty.tumblr
Via: gorgeousprettybeauty.tumblr

Mmmmmmmm… cheese….

Via: hamsterjetcar.tumblr
Via: hamsterjetcar.tumblr


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