I Heart You, Kitchen Gadgets.

Today I was thinking about all the great little kitchen doohickeys that make cooking and baking a better experience for me. You know, the silly appliances and utensils and doodads and thingamajigs that make your kitchen-projects easier or just more fun?

Well, I wanted to say thank you to these nine gizmos and contraptions.

(I added links in case you are looking for gift ideas)heartKitchenAid

Just a quick love letter, an ode of devotion and appreciation, if you will.

To some of my favorite kitchen thingamabobs.

I heart you, kitchen gadgets.

Dear Immersion Blender I didn’t think I needed you. I didn’t think I wanted you. But now that we are together, I have discovered that you are a wonderful companion, allowing me to quickly and easily blend soups, dressings and that one ill-fated mashed potato experience that we now look back upon with laughter. 

Oh, SodaStream, my beloved… We are still in the honeymoon phase (two months and going strong!) but I think our love is meant to be. Your ability to economically satisfy my obsession with carbonated water fills my days with sunshine and rainbows much cheaper than my previous Perrier habit. Plus you look cute on my counter.

Darling Mini Food Processor You allow me to make homemade hummus without demanding lots of space in my life or cupboard. Our love is simple and pure. 

To Yellow Silicone Spatula Man Lets be frank. We are not serious and I don’t touch you often, but your presence puts a smile on my face every time I look at you and your ridiculous little yellow bellybutton. (Discontinued, or I would bring you home some friends.) 

Wine Aerator/Pour Spout, Mi Amor…You are straight-forward and unapologetic while still intriguing; the perfect date to any party. You are specialized and refined yet pocket sized. You make me appear all wine-savvy and classy. That is caliente. 

My Dear Sweet Misto Your stainless steel shell makes you seem tough, but inside you are nothing but liquid sweetness. Your ability to delicately caress any pan or vegetable with just the softest coating of extra virgin olive oil makes cooking a joy. A tasty, tasty joy. 

Crock Pot, lovely Crock Pot… You are always there for me; no drama, no hassle. I hardly have to ask in the morning and you have dinner waiting when I get home, whether it’s just you and me or a whole house party. I heart you Crock Pot. Our love is true.

What Up, Cast-Iron Grill Pan We don’t spend as much time together as we used to since I went pseudo-vegetarian, but I still adore your even cooking, ability to transfer directly from the stove top to the oven, and your kinda fake grill lines that are just so handsome. We may be off and on again, but my adoration never wavers.

Oh KitchenAid Mixer, my soul mate… We have been together for a long time. And I cannot even begin to count the plethora of batters, cakes, cookies, frostings, breads and mashed potatoes we have made together. Your ability to beat, whip, kneed and mix with free abandon makes my heart all aflutter. I know with the right accessories you could acquire numerous new skills for us to try out together. But for now I like you as you are; simple and constant and true, KitchenAid Mixer. KAM+MVJ = True Love.

So thank you, kitchen gadgets. I heart you for always being there for me,

For filling my kitchen and my heart with love and happiness.

And shortcuts to tasty, tasty food.


And with Hipster Ariel, I am out. 

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