My 2013, according to Facebook

It’s the end of the year! Which means it’s time to get all nostalgic about the year that just happened… the year that just was… (I mean, it just happened, you guys) and immerse ourselves in “top stories” and “best of” and “most important” lists.

I believe it is a new feature on the ole’ Facebook this year, but I recently saw an option to see a personal “Year in Review.”

I think the way we portray ourselves on social media is absolutely fascinating. I know that it is a very carefully manicured portrayal of my life that most certainly isn’t the whole picture.

I was curious to see what a summery of FB-me would look like, of course without understanding what kind of algorithm they use to determine this. (number of likes? number of comments? random math? a room full of monkeys with typewriters?)

I decided to look at what it thinks the 20 biggest moments of my 2013 were…

…and paraphrase my year for you, according to Facebook.



(1) Hung out with my family over the holiday and made stuff.

(2) I took a pretty picture in the park.


Apparently nothing.

MARCH 2013

(3) I took a picture of snow and complained about groundhogs.

APRIL 2013

(4) I went to the beach. There is a picture of me looking happy at the beach.

(5) I wrote a post complaining about snowy weather.

MAY 2013

(6) I did a bunch of random things and mentioned them in one sentence.

(7) I went to the park. There were other people there too.

JUNE 2013

(8) A man on my plane was wearing a bike helmet. I told people about it.

(9) Played in a volleyball tournament and took celebratory jello shots.

JULY 2013

(10) Traveled home to hang with the fam.


(11) Did a 5k fun run. Took a celebratory pic trying to look tough.


(12) Watched college football with boys.

(13) Mentioned a career related milestone. Well, really mentioned maybe trying to reach a career-related milestone at some point.

(14) Drank wine in a hotel room while watching Air Force One and waxing poetic about the glamours of business travel.


(15) Talked about going to Disneyland.

(16) Went to Disneyland.


(17) Drank hot chocolate.


(18) Talked about baking cookies.

(19) Shot a basketball.

(20) Went to the Nutcracker.


So things I learned about the FB version of me:

  • I like hanging at the park and complaining about weather.
  • I am kinda sporty… in a random variety of sports.
  • Disneyland was fun and I was excited about it.
  • My family is important to me and I hang with them.
  • I talk about eating and drinking quite a bit.
  • Sometimes I work or travel or do cultural activities.
  • I apparently do nothing for the entirety of February.
  • 15% of the time I am bound to be random.

Actually sounds fairly accurate. 

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