One Year. 12 Modes.

**Note: I realize this post is approximately a month late, however these thoughts and concepts have been floating around and I simply haven’t had time to get them down til now. So please excuse the time-warp aspect of this and possibly a couple more posts as I get my blog caught up to my life.

I have a good feeling about this year. I have since New Years Eve. When just past the strike of midnight the question was posed as to what each person was looking forward to this year, I said “Things falling into place this year, whatever that means.”

Generally, I’ve never given any stock into any of that “New Year, New You” thing. And that’s not my goal or the point really… I simply have this burning desire to really focus in on things this year, spending less time bouncing around or floating through life. I want to engage fully into a variety of aspects of my world.


With that in mind, my goal is to zoom in on a different general concept each month and go into “Fill in the Blank Mode” for a month. Just like I’ve done in past years with cleaning up my diet for Lent, I believe it is a super manageable time period to focus on one broad area of my life.

I don’t have the year scheduled out. I don’t have a preset plan of what each month’s mode will be… I trust that a plan will develop when I get there and know what I’m wanting, needing or being told by the universe to focus on.

A year of actively engaging in things I’m passionate about and self-motivated self-improvement seems like it will only lead to positive discoveries and growth.


Or maybe at least some good stories.


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