Today is a good day.

Today is going to be a good day.

First off, you’ll recall that you have a lot of great things happening today.

And that you are capable of accomplishing anything.

The radio is going to play that song you have been obsessed with.

There’s a good chance that you are going to hit all the green lights.

Someone is going to hold a door for you.

And you will have a chance to return the courteous gesture.

You are bound to see a child or animal being goofy.

I bet you will make someone laugh and smile.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if you receive a compliment out of the blue.

There’s going to be a moment when the warmth of the sun shines on your face.

You will read something that expands your mind, even infinitesimally.

Then you’ll recall how lucky you are to have the freedom and ability to think freely.

Today you can enjoy anticipating the weekend and whatever you have planned.

Your loved ones, your pets, or your home you will welcome you at the end of the day.

Tonight you will crawl into your comfy bed and sleep soundly.

You will remember all the positive things in your life.

You will let negative annoyances fall by the wayside.

You will simply be happy in the moment, in the now, in your life.

Today is a good day.


(Inspired by this ThoughtCatalog article.)

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