5 Healthy Things I’m Into Right Now

(Yes, this will go beyond my normal blathering on about my love of kale and quinoa. Don’t worry though… our love remains strong. I still adore them.)

I try to be healthy in moderation, as all good things are done. I have my good weeks and my bad weeks. I do have some terrible food habits, admittedly, but we can’t all be perfect. However, there are five healthy things lately that I have been really into. And with anything we enjoy and are excited about as humans, I’m sharing. 

1. Beets

pinterest 2

I just picked up some beets at the local farmers market this Sunday (ugh, how hipster did that sound?) and cooked them up to add to a salad. I’ve enjoyed beet salads in restaurants before but never ventured to cook them at home. It was absolutely the easiest thing in the entire world. I removed the greens, washed them, loosely wrapped in foil, and put them in the oven at 350 for about an hour. Then peeled. And consumed.

Now I have a bunch of leftover beets to encourage Pinterest-surfing for even more simple and tasty recipes. Plus they are pretty good for you. I’m in love.

2. Kefir

Via: pinterest
Via: pinterest

Admittedly, I got into kefir about a year ago and then lapsed on it when I couldn’t find my favorite raspberry flavor. But now my love is back with a vengeance for this “sour-tasting drink make from cow’s milk fermented with certain bacteria” (thank you Google for that entirely unappetizing description). Think of it as a yogurt drink with tons of probiotics and nutrients. It really is tasty and you can get it in milk based, water based or even frozen, per our hipster kefir above.

Try it… you’ll like it.

3. Biotin

Via: humorhub.net
Via: humorhub.net

I originally grabbed biotin-containing “Hair, Skin and Nails” gummy vitamins to help with the regrowing of some toenails lost during ski season. (Gross, I know). And while I’m not sure how much it is helping in that department, I have noticed that my fingernails are stronger and growing better. My hair feels healthier as well. Biotin is awesome.

Plus these gummies seriously taste like candy. I have to stop myself at eating the two recommended daily… ’cause I want more tastiness. Even if my nails, skin and hair didn’t look better, I would keep eating these as nutritional candy.

4. Fitbit HR

fuelrunning com

Legitimate curiosity about my daily walking habits motivated this acquisition. And good reviews from PC Magazine convinced me. Even with walking to and from work everyday, often twice, I am finding it surprisingly challenging to get the coveted 10,000 steps a day without consciously making myself pace. It is indeed motivating, with a little bit of friendly competition with some friends on the app driving me to up my casual movement.

The little buzz it gives when I reach my steps is like a mini high five to my health.

5. This crazy stomach bacteria infection that is making me temporarily give up all the good things. (Gross, sorry)


Okay, this is my need to find a silver lining while a bit out of commission… I’m not into having health issues. Plus, a combination of many of my Voluntary-Lent-Food-Restrictions over that past year all together for at least two weeks is intense. But the advantage to my current restrictive diet? It cannot be bad for my body to take a break from sugar, caffeine, fried foods, fatty foods and alcohol.  Right? So I’ll see the good in that.

I do maintain that the occasional dark chocolate and glass of wine is good for me. And nothing will convince me otherwise.

So go do your own healthy you! 

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