Love is Love

I’m feeling a bit sappy today, due in part to the old “Woot, It’s Friday” bug, so bear with me… this post is practically sarcasm free and full of sunshine and rainbows. You’ve been warned.

The funny thing is, I was thinking about writing this post before the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage came in today. I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about love and romantic love and relationships and how we think about them.

And at the end of it all, love is love, no matter the application or situation. Love is fundamentally human. It’s fundamentally relate-able.

I think it’s high time we expand our personal definition of “love”.


A dear friend of mine was preparing a wedding toast for some upcoming nuptials. We were chatting about content and topics when he mentioned that he wasn’t comfortable with the speech focus on love, having never experienced that kind of deep romantic relationship before.

I disagreed with him.

All relationships are at their heart about love. Relationships between parent and child, between romantic partners, between platonic friends, all have the same core elements. Respect and admiration are the basis for all positive healthy relationships.

Relationships are all the same… some simply have sex in them and some do not. It’s all still love.


And love is something I hope everyone has experienced. From the love of your parents, to playground puppy-love, to sibling rivalry rooted in affection, to childhood BFFs, to a teacher or coach’s positive support… I could go on and on about all the opportunities we have in life to experience love in different types of relationships.

We need to take all of these genres and typologies and weave them together into our understanding of what love is. Combined they create a most intricate vibrant pattern way beyond that which boyfriends and girlfriends alone could provide.

I say the more types of love in your life, the better.


Another color of thread was legally acknowledged today adding some needed depth to the romantic love pattern. A solid (long over-due) win for romantic love. Let’s not forget that this is only one aspect of love… a concept supremely diverse and complex.

Love is multifaceted. Love is for all. Love is universal.

Love is a feisty weed, not a delicate flower. It grows in the most unlikely soils, it springs up unwanted or unexpectedly, and when it’s roots are deep, you can’t seem to get rid of it. And weeds, like love, are often surprisingly striking or beautiful.


Let’s all take a moment to really appreciate this cacophony of colors, this complex patterned weaving, this garden of lush weeds, or whatever kind of metaphor you are in the mood for today. Because any time true and good love wins, it’s a moment to celebrate.

It’s a time to appreciate all the opportunities for love in the world.

Let’s go get some.

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