To Do List For A Tuesday

FIVE THINGS TO DO TODAY: (That will totally make it better, I promise.)

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1. Smile to yourself, for yourself. It will literally make you feel happier. And if someone catches you doing it, I bet it’ll be contagious. It’s free and easy too!

2. Hold a door for someone. Mostly because it’s common courtesy and that should never be overlooked or underrated. I heart common courtesy.

3. Play a song that makes you feel good. Dance along, even if it’s just in your chair for five seconds. Every day should have a little dance party in it.


4. Have a mini adventure, whether it be a courageous color combination in your outfit, your lunch decision, or a different route home. Step out of your comfort zone, if just for a millisecond. It will make you feel like a glorious rebel, even on a small scale.

5. Remember that you make a positive impact in the world, even if you don’t feel it. Remember that you are lovable and loved, even if you don’t see it. Remember that.

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I hope your day is glorious. If not, there’s always tomorrow and the hope that brings.

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