An Ode To Naps

Children are idiots, so adamantly against missing even a minute of the day with sleep.

With age comes wisdom, as well as appreciation for the delicious luxury that is a good nap. I would just like to take a minute and send out a warm, cuddly thank you to some of my favorite types of naps.

This is for you with love, dearest nap-time.

(Press play to set the mood, please)

To the ideal-setting naps,

The lazy, rainy Saturday Netflix nap,

The arbitrary-sports-game-in-the-background nap,

The beautiful spring day in the park nap, (with sunscreen on, I hope.)


To the naps I couldn’t have accomplished alone, 

The classic food-coma nap, (best accompanied by family during the holidays.)

The your-pet-is-so-warm-and-cuddly nap,

The I’m-glad-I-invested-in-this-couch-’cause-it’s-really-comfy nap,


To the necessary naps, 

The quick-nap-and-rally-for-a-night-out nap,

The automatic-shut down nap (your body says rest, crazy-town!)

The nap that clears your head,

1000awesomesomethings com

The glorious arbitrary naps,

The just-kidding fake-out morning nap when your body isn’t ready for the day,

The in-and-out nap where you never completely fall asleep,

The nap you actually feel refreshed after,


And the embarrassing naps,

The you-should-call-it-bedtime nap,

The slept-through-something-and-now-have-to-send-awkward-apology-text nap,

The avoidance nap, (putting off today’s problems until you wake again)

esriallbritten com

To each and every type of nap,

Here’s to you.

You are pretty darn awesome.

And I should tell you that more often.

Love, M.


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