Let’s Talk about the Weather.

I’m actually serious. I want to talk about the weather. For realsies.

This past week in Colorado, we were repeatedly warned about this epic snowstorm coming our way (Thanks for FINALLY sharing the snow, Boston, you greedy minx.) It was the conversation that dominated office water coolers sessions, Facebook, and the local news.

Via: tumblr
Via: tumblr

I will admit I laugh a bit every year when this occurs. And it does occur every single year. We are warned about the impending doom of some coming Snomageddon or Snowpocolipse that is going to hit us with depth of snowfall and temperatures never seen before in the history of life and we should all fear.

Not so long ago, there was the much talked of storm-that-never-was in New York.

As a reminder, I live in Colorado. Right near the Rocky Mountains. I mean, snow is sorta what is supposed to happen here in the winter. (Otherwise the skiing is crappy and then no one is happy.)

My coworker joked the other day that perhaps all this hoopla is orchestrated by grocery stores with lagging sales and an overabundance of batteries in stock. She could be on to something.


– – – – – –

But what is it about human nature that wants to take something common and unlikely and blow it up into epic freak out proportions? I feel like the attitude goes a bit like this:

Stage One: Shock/Denial


Seriously people? We have never seen snow before?

Stage Two: Anger

“This is terrible! No one can drive in this and I won’t be able to go anywhere or do anything. Snow is evil and out to ruin everything.”

First off people, snow don’t care. It has no intentions, cruel or otherwise. And once again… this happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I’m not sure spending one season out of the year being angry is how I want to use my energy.


Stage Three: Bargaining/Guilt

“Maybe it won’t be that much of a storm. I hope my statement the other week about this being a mild winter didn’t jinx us…”

See previous comment about snow NOT being a sentient creature with ulterior motives. Yeah.

Stage Four: Depression

“Ugh, I don’t think this winter will ever end.”

Pretty sure it will. Funny thing about the earth turning and seasons and all…


Stage Five: Acceptance

“Well, we will just have to make it through somehow I guess. Maybe we can even build a snowman. But first, lets do a run on all the milk and bread and batteries that this grocery store has ever purchased.”

And usually right around this time is when the impending Snowpocolipse fails to materialize into anything more than a typical dusting of snow. All that panic, all that energy, and all that extra bread for naught. (Through french toast is always a good use for extra bread, if you need a suggestion. And now I’m hungry.)

– – – – – –

It’s not that I don’t think you should talk at all about the weather.

anything horror com

Weather is funny. It really does have a legitimate impact on our moods, feelings and day to day experiences. (See SAD if you don’t believe me.) And everyday as it may be, it really can be a good point of conversation. After all, it is a safe and ubiquitous topic. I personally cannot think of a way to turn a talk about the current precipitation situation into a heated argument. And weather is universal, effecting us all. In the moment, it is tangible element. A safe side note. It does have it’s time and place.

So go ahead and talk about the weather. Just try not to freak out about the possibility of a couple flakes of snow in areas of the country where it snows quite a bit each year, huh?

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