Plenty of Tindr for the Drinking

(I promise that title will make some sense if you just bear with me, okay?)

A couple friends and I recently discovered the true meaning of Tindr, that online dating app where you swipe right for yes and left for no after perusing up to five photos or people in your vicinity. Tindr isn’t about finding an easy hookup or even for finding Mr. Right. No, Tindr is my new favorite drinking game.

We will call it “Plenty of Tindr” until I come up with something more clever.It goes a little something like this:

  1. Sitting at the bar (or at home I suppose) with some friends (can be mixed gender), open up your Tindr app.
  2. Start swiping through photos of the opposite sex, making sure to check out all the photos they have posted.
  3. Every time you see a photo of a guy holding a fish, take a sip of your drink. (All together! Cheers!)
  4. Swipe left to said fishy guy.
  5. Laugh and keep enjoying time being social with your friends.

Now this game can be adjusted to meet your area and gender. Maybe it’s every time there is a duck-face selfie or a shirtless bathroom selfie. Maybe it’s every time there is a group photo where you can’t tell who the heck the potential date is. Or perhaps you just call for a sip of your drink every time someone fails to include a single photo where they don’t have sunglasses on. Or pictures of landscapes. Or just a photo of their dog.

Whatever topic may fit your location, demographic, etc, you will start to notice repetition of a certain type of photograph as you flip through Tindr.

While up in Montana, it was the guy holding the fish he caught that came up again and again. I still don’t understand why anyone would think this would be an appealing picture. All I hear in my head is; “Look, I can kill things. I am man. Can provide for woman. Rarr… to the cave.”

So don’t get disappointed by the high number of photos of guys with kids who aren’t theirs (“look I have been near to children!“) or girls with obviously filtered good-morning shots (“just woke up this way!“)… no, turn it into a fun and social game and reward your perseverance in the ridiculousness of the online dating world with sips of beer or whatever.

And if you find someone with acceptable photos to swipe right to in the middle of all this fun?

That’s just a bonus.


 (Probably not this guy.)

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