Just one of those faces.

There’s a sort of mistaken identity that sporadically plagues my life.

Approximately once every month or so, someone will approach me – at the grocery store, at a bar, at a friend’s party, in the park, etc…  And then we will start my favorite (sarcasm) game in the world:


Stranger: “I know you, don’t I?”

Me: “I don’t think so.”

Stranger: “Where do I know you from?”

Me: “You probably don’t.”

Stranger: “No really, you look so familiar…”

Me: “I know. I get that all the time.”

Stranger: (Continues to stand staring determinedly)

Me: “But let’s do the fun breakdown anyways… Are you an architect? Have you lived in any of the other three states I’ve lived in? Do you play volleyball?”

Stranger: (generally) “Nope. No, and no…”

Me: “Whelp, you probably don’t know me. But don’t worry about it. I really do get it all the time… I just have one of those faces.”

via: oheyitsaj.com
via: oheyitsaj.com

– – – – – – – – – –

Seriously, I have found that those three questions almost always cover most bases. And nine times out of ten, they really don’t know me from anything.

(And before you try and make the argument, nine and three-quarters times out of ten I’m positive they aren’t hitting on me. This a gender, age, and location unbiased happening.)

Sometimes there is further questioning, just so they can convince themselves. I try to be patient and understanding. After all, I realize that I am sporadically the physical manifestation of the equivalent of having a word stuck on the tip of your tongue, a ghosted memory that you can’t quite get your finger on. I want to help them muscle through the whole process, lest they be haunted by trying to make a non-existent connection between myself and their lives. I attempt to assure them that they have never met me, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I DO try to be a nice person, you guys.

via: iwastesomuchtime.com
via: iwastesomuchtime.com

– – – – – – – – – –

Every once in a while, I will witness them make a connection… “Oh, you look SO much like so-and-so!”, referencing some other random stranger that I don’t know. I just have to hope that my face isn’t triggering any bad memories or anything. It’s just uncomfortable for me, to be honest.

I went on a really awkward first date about a year ago with a guy who ended up having his friend and friends girlfriend “happen” to show up. (Sidenote: don’t do that on a first date. It’s weird. I don’t care how much you think they will like me or how much their opinion matters to you… its a first date for goodness sakes.)  ANYWHO….

On this awkward experience, at some point my date turns to his friend and says “Doesn’t she remind you of Carrie?”  His friend responded enthusiastically with an “Oh my god! She’s exactly like Carrie!

Please recall that I am still just sitting there. Please recall that this is our first date. Please recall that I have NO idea who Carrie is.

My only possible response when they both looked to me, seemingly expecting an excited reaction to their private revelation regarding my face and/or personality was to say “Well, I hope she’s nice?

There was no second date. I still kind of want to meet Carrie though. We would probably be friends.

– – – – – – – – – –

Does this happen to anyone else out there on a regular basis? I mean, it cannot just be me.

I just have one of those faces. Familiar or reminiscent or similar enough that people find some connection to something in their own lives in the lines of my face.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand it.

via: the gloss
via: the gloss

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