A Place of Infinite Possibilities

I want to talk to you all about one of my favorite places, a magical place.

A place of maybes and options and ever changing possibilities.

A place where any turn could take you to a new land of wonders, to adventure and mystery and experiences beyond your wildest imagination.

I, of course, am talking about the airport.

Places of glamour and inspiration such as London, Paris, Reykjavík, Sioux Falls…

What, you say? The airport is the very definition of overcrowded transportation hell where common human courtesies are nothing but a myth?

I dare you to see it in another light.

Read the destination boards as you walk by… let your imagination soar and your inner Indiana Jones start jonesing for new vistas. Allow your wanderlust to be set free, even if just for a moment in your mind.

All that is holding you back is the price of a boarding pass and maybe that security guard.

Via: roundthewroldin80blogs .tumblr
Via: roundthewroldin80blogs.tumblr

But in all seriousness, there is something about walking through an airport terminal that I find wondrous and inspiring.

The constant changing departures board, a disparate group of individuals combined into one multi-dimensional and random conglomeration for a short and isolated time. A meeting that can never be repeated. And all the potential. The other versions of your day that could be.

I adore the airport, for all the maybes and the dreaming it inspires.

And yes, I want to go to ALL of the places.

(Well, maybe not Sioux Falls. Sorry Sioux Falls.)

Via: trevormorrowtravel.com
Via: trevormorrowtravel.com

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