The “Sleepover-Hangover”

This past weekend, my body pulled a full-stop on me.

I mean an all out, brakes screeching, pedal to the floorboard, forced halt to my life.
Because apparently I may have a tendency to gogogo and sometimes ignore those pesky human needs. Like sleep, and food, and time to relax and me-time.

(Those of you who know me IRL are probably laughing at this moment. Because you are not shocked by this. I know, I have a problem.)

I like to call it the “Sleepover-Hangover.” 


Here’s why:

As a little kid, I know my mom dreaded sleepovers. Because, inevitably, right after any I attended I would become ill. Funny how a night of very little sleep, giggling, and excessive ice cream can do that to even the healthiest child.

Like clockwork, after every one of these affairs my body would say “Haha, no. Sit down, girl.” (my body is sassy, in my mind). And sometimes the only way to make me stop being a social butterfly was to physically force me to bed with a cold.

And while I’ve grown and aged, I haven’t changed.

Looking back at Google Cal, aka “My Keeper“, I realized that I hadn’t had a relaxing night off for four weeks. Straight. In all seriousness. Not one evening had been spent Netflix-bingeing or curled up in Yellow Chair reading.

My August went a little something like this:

Aug 1-2  Drinks, Socialize,

Aug 3-9  Dinner, Hangout, Volleyball, Socialize, Movie, Wedding, Dancing,

Aug 10-16  Dinner, Drinks, Concert, Socialize, Work Event, Movie, Bachelorette Party,

Aug 17-23  Volleyball, Hangout, Volleyball, Travel, Family, Family, Wedding,

Aug 24-30  Travel, Socialize, Volleyball, Dinner, Family, Travel, CRASH.

Yep, I made it from August 1st til August 30th without a legitimate night off.

I basically had the equivalent of a month-long sleepover.  I’m exhausted again just writing that out, to be honest.


So I spent the long, holiday weekend curled up on the couch, hacking up my lungs and doing my best to look like Rudolph (extra moisture-infused tissue, you lie!) Forced to do the relaxing and sleeping and mellowing that I had been putting off and pushing back for 30 days.

Because I didn’t schedule in more mellow time, my body (which can be QUITE the stubborn sassy punk-ass, let me tell you) decided to revolt. And there’s nothing worse than a forced relaxation to make you feel impatient.

But I get it body. I need to make sure I don’t get overzealous with my social butterfly life, which I have been known to do.  I need to have more quiet nights in watching movies (friends are allowed, yes?) and quality time with Yellow Couch and my Kindle. I need to say no to more events and hang-outs and take time to relax and reboot.

Because exhausted and under the weather M isn’t any fun for anyone.


By the by, September looks gloriously open and under-planned, and I cannot tell you how much I have been looking forward to it.

Now don’t get me wrong, August was AWESOME. I had so so so much fun. Maybe too much fun. All play and no recovery. And my body isn’t having any of it anymore. Not today. Not this week.

So here’s to a month of more mellowing. Rest-tember anyone?

Let’s just hope I can hold myself back.


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