I’m 30 going on 13

There are those defining moments in every stage of life; moments that make you feel put together, mature and all grown up. Some are typical big moves, some are little incidents that expand in importance later. These seem to occur constantly throughout life as we grow and change and allow perspective to open our eyes.

In retrospect, I was still pretty young at all these moments.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I FELT like a grown up at the time.


– Birth to Age 5: I don’t know… learning to sit up? Talk? Potty training? Gross motor skills? Probably felt pretty put together in some way at some moment, though the concept of “adulthood” would have been outside of my mental capacity.

– Age 6: First Grade! All day at school without my mom or dad! What toys to play with at recess? MY choice!

– Age 10: Deciding it was unrealistic to be an actress in the long run. Attending a “Women in Science and Math” event and realizing I wanted to be an architect. (Did I mention I was an odd ten year old?)

– Age 12: Getting contacts just in time for Junior High. So long, nerdy kid!

– Age 15: First High School dance, with the whole date, hair professionally done, fancy long dress and corsage, picked up and dinner shebang. Practicing in heels before the dance. So much walking in heels practice.

via kaiami tumblr
Via: kaiami.tumblr.com

– Age 17: Going to community college, making my own class schedule and having the freedom to attend class or not. (I pretty much always did… but I COULD have ditched and not gotten into trouble.)

Age 18: Driving down to my older brother’s college and spending the weekend with him on campus. You know, doing collegey things like eating in the cafeteria and watching movies in a bunk bed.

– Age 18.5: The moment my parents drove away after dropping me off at college out of state. Realizing I was on my own and totally alone. (Physically, at least.)

– Age 21: Spending three months in Europe. Drinking fancy wine in nice restaurants in Europe.

– Age 22: Moving to another state to get a real-person job and play house with my boyfriend.

Via: quickmeme.com
Via: quickmeme.com

– Age 26: Moving to NYC solo. Running around NYC solo. (Internally debating if I was a Carrie.)

– Age 27: Showing my parents around New York… aka my city. Taking pride in sharing the city I love with people I love.

– Age 29: Making an important medical decision on my own. (I mean, it was getting a filling at the dentist, but still.) Then realizing I had to pay for it on my own.

– Age 30.5: Realizing that 21 year olds look REALLY young and have no knowledge of how to pace themselves at an all day outdoor music festival.

Via: funnyasduck.com
Via: funnyasduck.com

– Time I didn’t feel like an adult: Pretty much every other moment in my life.

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