A Happy, Grateful Day

Here’s to another lovely weekend experienced, and to the start of a new week! Yay! Yay! I feel like pushing the glass half full vibe today, dear internet, and you are the victim of such optimism. Consider yourself warned.

A list of five random little things I am grateful for today seemed like just the ticket.

(I threw in some random, vicariously related happy songs for you all too. It’s how I show I care.)

1.  I am grateful for new foods.

I am grateful for an ever-growing variety and abundance of fresh produce and interesting food that is easily available to me, popular, etc etc. (And for Pinterest to give me ideas on how to eat them.)

Ie: quinoa and kale… once just strange combinations of vowels and consonants, now an almost daily part of my life.

2.  I am grateful for no flip flops.

My fashion sense has evolved beyond those ill-fitting plastic hideous monstrosities. So I am really grateful that comfortable yet stylish (and not nearly so annoyingly flappy sounding) sandals exist.

And that I have them on my feet. Right. Now.

3.  I am grateful for sarcasm.

The fact that it is (mostly) socially acceptable for me to express my feelings in a dry, deadpan humor is lovely.

The fact that I still have friends after all this sarcasm is even MORE lovely.

4.  I am grateful for my body.

(Wow that sounded conceited.) But in all seriousness, after spending the whole weekend in various volleyball tournaments, I am indeed grateful for a healthy and semi-athletic body and the ability to run around being physical all day.

That’s pretty neat.

5.  I am grateful for Mondays.

Yes Mondays. Because Mondays mean the start of a new week and new possibilities… and another weekend to look forward to juuuuuuust around the corner. Optimism FTW!

Though I might not feel so optimistic on Tuesday midday or Wednesday afternoon when I apparently will feel stressed and ugly, respectively.


What a wonderful world, huh?

I think I might be running on some leftover endorphins from such a sunshiny and jock-tastic weekend. Just a wee little bit.  Here’s wishing you the loveliest of weeks, blogosphere.

And one more song, to see you through any stubborn case of the Mondays.


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