Cheer up, Monday!

It’s Monday! You are probably grumpy! 

As a recently named “Happiness Ninja”, I feel it is my job, nay my honor, to try and cheer you up a bit today.

You may know about some of these. You may not. It’s not really the point.

Hopefully at least one of these silly little things puts a smile on your Monday-hating face. I will even take a sardonic chuckle or an amused snort. I’m not demanding.

Here are five random things from around the interwebs to remind you that it is a wonderful and magical world out there.

Happy Monday, kittens.

1. It could have been worse…

Since it IS World Cup season… did you know that the worst defeat in World Cup history was in 1982 when Hungary destroyed El Salvador 10 – 1. Guess there’s no mercy rule in soccer, I mean futball.

Makes that US-Portugal draw feel a tiny bit less bitter, yes? Let’s hear it for relative optimism!


2. C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.

You can buy Girl Scout cookies on Amazon. Year Round. Like you could buy them rightnow. Can I get a “heck yeah” for Tagalongs?


3. Impressions are Coming.

This guy who does a bunch of Game of Thrones impressions… if you turn your head away, it’s really rather freaky to realize it’s just one dude. He has got skills, ya’ll.

4. What is this… a city for ANTS?

According to this totally not scientific seeming website, certain types of ant colonies can contain up to 500,000 ants. That’s bigger than Atlanta (approx. 444,000*) and larger than Miami, Florida (420,000*). It’s not that much smaller than the population of the entire state of Wyoming (575,000*).


5. In Related Animal News

And here’s a raccoon being goofy! ‘Cause raccoon! Why not!


That’s all for today, blogosphere. Here’s wishing you the loveliest of Mondays and the rest of the week too.

Love, M

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