Just a typical case of escapism.

So the newest brilliant idea I have for my sporadic escapism tendencies?  Joining the Peace Corps.

Yep, that is my current grand idea.

I go through these phases, and they usually involve me wanting to move somewhere crazy or at least travel there for a bit. It isn’t that I am not happy with my life, I just get itchy. I don’t always do content well. I like adventure and challenge and new too much.

via: thedesigninspiration.com
via: thedesigninspiration.com

Today I am considering joining the Peace Corps.

I mean, it would be an incredible experience, right?

(This is TOTALLY not the same as the time I decided I wanted a kitten. That idea lasted about 6 hours until the reality of all the responsibility and messed up furniture kicked in.)

But usually these ideas of mine are pretty terrible in actuality.

via: deviantart, by mujimasa
via: deviantart, by mujimasa

Here are some reasons I probably shouldn’t join the Peace Corps.  (off the top of my head)

  • Not sure it would help my career to take a two+ year break at this point in time.
  • I have student loans. This would be two years of not making money AND not paying those off. And let’s not even talk about my non-existent retirement fund.
  • I enjoy being able to talk to my family a lot. Currently I live a 2 hour flight from my closest relative. Should I really be making that longer, farther, harder?
  • I am 30-1/2 years old. If I want to have kids / get married / etc this is TYPICALLY the time to be looking for that, not running off to a remote part of the world alone.
  • I am fairly addicted to social media. I probably wouldn’t have the battery power / internet to Instagram all the cool stuff I was experiencing.
  • I am scared of giant bugs. Giant spiders, specifically. I don’t want to be near giant spiders. Ever. With my luck I would be sent to educate and help giant spiders.
via: nataliejamesphotography .com
via: nataliejamesphotography .com

Good idea? Bad idea?

All that being said… I still might fill out an application.

No harm in that, right?



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