Rebuilding My Karma Fund

With the beginning of really nice days finally here, I get rather excited to open up all my windows while I’m at the office, allowing the fresh air to sweep refreshingly through my apartment. The other morning, with an optimistic glance out the window (and not a peak at the actual weather report), I gleefully opened up every single window in my west facing apartment and went to work.

It was a glorious, fool-proof plan.

_ _ _ _ _ _

And so I went about my day, same old same old, when around 3 pm I heard a sound I wasn’t expecting.

A terrible noise. A truly horrible sound.

It began with just a slight rumble in the distance, so subtle one might think it was an unfed stomach voicing a complaint.

However that grumble quickly escalated, transforming into the undeniable sound of thunder and an impending storm.

_ _ _ _ _ _

It’s okay, I thought. It is way off to the west in the mountains. (Denial)

I decided to use more than just my sense of hearing and actually look out a window. This is approximately the sight that filled my vision.


It probably won’t even come this way, was my next thought. (More Denial)

If I didn’t look at the pitch black rain clouds rolling my way like vindictive cattle horns at the running of the bulls, it wouldn’t exist, right?

My denial of impending rain was quickly washed away (ha) when, just at that moment, the skies decided to open up with a wall of torrential downpour. Like serious rain. Like in The Matrix or any episode of The Killing kind of rain.

And then the hail started.

_ _ _ _ _ _

At this point, my oh so slow brain recalled my genius window-opening of the morning. With a strong westerly wind, it was probable I would go home to a swimming pool in my living room. Any attempts to run home and mitigate the situation would leave me looking (and feeling) like this:


And the damage was most likely already done.

With a deep sigh and crossing of my fingers, I realized I had to trust the well being of my home and furniture to fate at this point.

_ _ _ _ _ _

I don’t think I have ever opened my apartment door so tentatively in my life. As if awaiting an attack from hail ninjas, I cautiously opened my front door to assess the damage…


….Of which there was none. 

None at all. 

Yes, my window sills were damp, but that was all!

Hooray for luck! And chance! And surprise wins!


_ _ _ _ _ _

How was this possible? 

There was only one obvious conclusion… through my intense finger crossing and hoping and such I had tapped into a deep part of the universe and changed the course of fate.

That and most definitely used up ALL the good karma I had saved up in life.


_ _ _ _ _ _

Now, with a balance of zero in my luck / karma bank, clearly I need to start doing more nice things and build that bad boy back up, right?

Let’s see how I have done on “Refill Karma” mode:

  • I emptied the dishwasher at work one morning this week. It’s not even part of my job.
  • I smiled at a construction worker on my walk to the office yesterday. (Which is sort of good karma, right?)
  • I said thank you to the lady who held the door for me in the restroom. I typically do, but I’m counting it.

That is all.  All the nice things I have done in the last week, as far as I can remember.

Sort of a good start, right?? RIGHT??



Le sigh.

Being nice is hard.

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain again soon.

That or I really should learn to check weather reports.

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