I had that on pizza in Sardinia…

Those are the words that just came out of my mouth. I wish I was joking.

Sometimes I am so much of a pretentious donkey-hat that I even annoy myself.

To be fair, it was totally in context…

Via: adexchanger.com
Via: adexchanger.com

A good friend of mine recently sent me this delicious looking recipe, “Fresh Gnocchi with Squash Blossoms and Lemon Butter” because she knows I adore gnocchi. The rest of our conversation went a bit like this:

Her: Let me know if you make this and if it’s any good, ok?

Me: Where does one buy squash blossoms?

Her: In a garden… growing alongside the squash… dunno if they sell them at Whole Paycheck. Is it just a ‘finish’ or are you supposed to eat them?

Me: You eat them. I had them on a pizza in Sardinia. *

Her: Oh yes, Sardinia… I always get squash blossoms when I’m there… **

Via: jetsettimes.com
Via: jetsettimes.com

Me: I am a donkey-hat. I might need to write a post about being a pretentious donkey-hat.

Her: DO IT!!!

* I really did! And it was super delicious!

**It might be a good time to note that my friends are all very sarcastic like me.


This post reminds me of that scene in Airplane! where he’s all like “I need to know everything that has happened up until now” and the guy gives the history of the earth (hilariously) up until that moment.

(Why don’t I just give you the YouTube link instead of my terrible explanation?)

That’s kind of what this post is. (Meta in some ways?) It is simply a post telling a short story about how pretentious I am and deciding to write a post about how pretentious I am, then actually doing it.

It’s so self-referential that I might implode.

Via: deniselanier.wordpress.com
Via: deniselanier.wordpress.com

I am often so overwhelmed by some of the (accidentally?) pretentious statements that come out of my mouth that I stick up my nose at myself.

And I really should find me some squash blossoms and give that delicious recipe a whirl. 

Anyone know where I can find them?


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