Me and Taye Diggs’ Cousin

So yeah, I had totally quit

And like any jilted lover will, they came crawling back the other day with the following email:

Taye Diggs Match

Oh you want me back? Really,

And you are cheaper now? Come on… don’t lower yourself that way.

Ugh, and seriously? 34 WHOLE men are interested in me in the last couple days? Well where were they hanging out for the 30 days in which I paid for your service? Unless absence has made the digital heart grow fonder?

I better get back on your website asap huh?


I was all ready to move on, hit unsubscribe to emails (which I am PRETTY darn sure I already did at least once), until I noticed one thing…

This guy.

Taye Diggs Match 2

Yep. That one.

The second one in from the right.


Now, does he look familiar to you?

Kinda like this guy?


Hmmmmm… different hair but still….

Taye Diggs Match3

Look a bit closer?

Taye Diggs Match4


Taye Diggs Match5



Taye Diggs Match6

Ahhhhhh! Okay too close.


I think is trying to set me up with Taye Diggs.

Or at least his brother. Or cousin. Or second cousin.

Now, who am I to argue with fate?





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