TBT : Real McCoy

Another night, another dream, but always you.

After the invigorating and eye-opening neon journey that revisiting “Shoop” was, I want to go to a very happy childhood place in this second musical Throw Back Thursday (TBT) post.

Yes, obviously I am talking about the musical offerings of the incomparable Real McCoy.  “Another Night” was the standout hit off the likewise titled 1995 album.  I cannot tell you how many times my childhood bestie and I sang their tape at the top of our lungs on repeat, making up corresponding dances. (A belated sorry to her parents for enduring our caterwauling for years.)

Once again, my childhood lack of MTV makes this a first time music video viewing for me. So come along on this real journey with me and your favorite childhood German Eurodance music group.

And let’s see just how well it stands up almost 20 years later, shall we?

(And the synthesizer kicks in….)


– Ohhh, it’s in black and white… and the focus is all blurred and moody! It’s artsy guys!


– Okay so clearly there is this DJ dude who happens to dj in some sort of Industrial Age Factory. Got it. Makes sense.


– And then we zoom in close on machinery… but is it for music or industry or ARE THEY ALL THE SAME THING?


– And then there is this cute old man for some reason. I don’t know why. But I like him.


– People working really fast! Like to the hypnotic rhythm of our synthesizer beat.

– Please note… the lyrics HAVE NOT BEGUN yet. We are still setting the scene, I guess.


“Another night, another dream, but always you, 
it’s like a vision of love that seems to be true, 
Another night another dream, but always you, 
in the night I dream of love so true. “

– Hey, here are lyrics! Hooray! This song rocks.

– So from what I can understand, this lady found this mini ’90s boombox and is completely entranced by the song coming from it. (From our DJ friend, most likely) Like entranced enough that she is kinda stroking her face against the radio.

– I don’t know how hygiene works but I do not think you should take objects from the street and then rub them against your face.


“Just another night, another vision of love, 
you feel joy, you feel pain, cuz nothing will be the same. 
Just another night, is all that it takes,
to understand, the difference between lovers and fakes, “

– More machines! Now with more smoke!

– I believe these lyrics mean true love is hard to find, or something.


“so baby, I talk talk, I talk to you, “

– We spend quite a long seeming time in this intense close up with this guy. Just thought you should know that.

– And talking is a good way to get to know if someone is real or fake. Seems like legit advice.


“I talk talk, I talk to you, 
in the night in your dream, of love so true.” 

– Hey it’s our DJ! He likes holding that mic very close to his mouth.

– And there is talking and dreaming and that’s how you know what love is. Cool beans.


“In the night, in my dreams, 
I’m in love with you”

– I want this helmet/goggles combo for riding my little hipster hybrid bike. Where can I purchase, please?


I feel joy I feel pain, cuz it’s still the same,
when the night is gone I’ll be alone. “


– You will be alone because you are dreaming this relationship up, buddy.


“Just another night, another dream, another vision,
of love, with me. I’m here to set you free”



“I am your lover, your brother,
hey sister let me cover your body with my love” 

– Three mics at the same time? That just seems greedy Mr. DJ. Or like you are compensating.

– Also, wait, what? You are her lover AND her brother? Hold up. This isn’t Game of Thrones, Real McCoy…


“my lovin’ just another, vision of love, that seems to be true”

– Oh! So she’s defacing public property to put up posters for her DJ friend. That seems nice.

– Unless she’s also hallucinating relationships…


“where we do all the things that only lovers do.”

– See, there he is! Caressing a mic and getting his mouth all super creepy close again.

– I think he is talking about being a bit non-PG in actions, but I like how vague the wording is. Made is less creepy for me to sing at 11 years old.

– ONLY LOVERS. Key words. Not lovers and brothers/sisters. I am not sure our DJ friend is comprehending this.


“In the night in my dreams I’m in love with you,

cuz you talk to me like lovers do, I feel joy I feel pain,

cuz it’s still the same, when the night is gone I’ll be alone. “

– And now she is staring longingly at his poster and singing about dreaming of being in love with himmmm … uhh, I am starting to get a TINY LITTLE BIT of a stalker vibe, ya’ll.

– This song is slightly repetitive, lyrically speaking…


Another night another dream, but always you, 

in the night I dream of love so true. “

– MORE mouth and mic close-ups.


“I talk talk, I talk to you, in the night, in your dream, of love so true.”

– MORE moody staring… in a rather grim looking room, if I can say so.


“In the night, in my dreams I’m in love with you”

– Like really, really intense with the longing sadness. I think she could use a hobby. Besides stalking DJ.

– Or at least a working understanding of the difference between fantasy and reality?


“Another night, another dream, but always you, 
It’s like a vision of love that seems to be true, 
Another night another dream, but always you. “

– So I don’t watch horror movies but I am pretty sure that our DJ should NOT walk down that creepy dark hallway noooooooooooo!


“In the night I dream of love so true.” 

– Oh just kidding! He is fine! It’s light out! People are in flannel! All is well!

– Except who is that passing him on her little motobike???


Aaaaaaaaaaaand, scene. 


Well that was a little intense. But still entertaining. And I still love the song. The music video certainly made me think quite a bit.


– Who was that old man at the beginning?

– What happened to that old man?

– Why can’t I stop worrying about that old man? (I mean, I really think he should be retired not working in a sketchy factory/dj booth.)

– Speaking of which, how is that unique work environment zoned and legal?

– Or was this in fact taking place in a dystopian, steam-punk, forever ’90s alternate reality?

– Was it actually a symbolic representation of the music industry pressures on artists to churn out hits like an assembly line, therefore destroying all the aspects of joy and art and color in being a musician?

– Does shooting video in black and white make me think it has more underlying meaning than it does?

– Do we need to talk about the stalker/obsessive fan subplot? (Same goes for that little bro/sis/lover reference)

– Does it make you a better DJ if you practically make-out with the mic? (I honestly don’t know, guys. It could be a legit technique.)

– Will we ever understand the artistic styling of Real McCoy? (I am thinking no.)


Thanks Real McCoy for filling my head with questions…

……so many questions…


Need more of a Real McCoy fix? Here’s the full video, for your viewing pleasure:

** All screen captures / images are from YouTube.

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