Let’s Make Some (Proverbial) Lemonade!

Ahhhh, anticipation. That delicious yet aggravating sensation that simmers in your system and tends to always leave a slight aftertaste of let-down. This is never more apparent than when it’s one of those things you have REALLY been looking forward to. Obviously, the higher the levels of “looking forward to” the higher the crash from “oh that’s over now” tends to be.

Sometimes an epic fail can be the most desired outcome to negate that let-down.

wiki how

Let me explain…

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[Enter Anticipation]

My friend N and I went to a concert last night. It was a show both of us had been reaaaaally looking forward to.

Yes, it was a Wednesday night, but we both got all Friday Night Concert Dolled-Up, cause that’s what you do when you are excited about things. We got to the show early enough for a front row parking spot (I didn’t have to parallel, yay!) and managed to snag killer seats (yes, actual seats FTW!) in the balcony with an ideal view. Then we settled in to chat and kill time before the music (and requisite dancing, duh) began.

Excitement built and the place grew crowded. The official start time passed and we thought to ourselves, “Oh those rock stars, and their desire to be fashionably late.The minutes continued to tick by…

Thirty minutes past when we were supposed to be jamming out, a man walked on stage.  “Bad news, guys… the show is canceled.”

Wait, was this a bad joke? Sadly, no. The drummer was violently ill and the band had been trying to see if he could rally. They all came out, apologized, and said the show would be rescheduled. The let-down in the crowd was palpable.

So there we were… all dressed up with no music to get down to.  

Via: examiner.com
Via: examiner.com

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[Enter Lemons]

Sadness and disappointment quickly set it. We slumped dejectedly in our amazing seats, the energy sapped out of us as if a greedy vampire had tapped an artery. (Sorry, not feeling profound with the metaphors today)

Until my friend, my brilliant, brilliant friend, said out of the blue; “Well, our friend L is at that OTHER concert tonight… we could always check if there are still tickets…”

And like a instant blood transfusion of epic proportions (Figured I should just stick with the crappy metaphor I already committed to), we sprung out of our seats. Energy restored, light back in our eyes, we practically jogged out of one theater.

We had a mission. A purpose again. Challenge accepted, Wednesday night. You are on.

Via: childhoodlist.blogspot.com
Via: childhoodlist.blogspot.com

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[Enter Sugar?]

I hopped in the drivers seat. N texted with the new plan, called the box office confirming they still had tickets available AND provided me with driving directions all at the same time. Not the easiest mission and multi-tasking at it’s finest. We found rock-star parking on the first loop and even sweet-talked the ticket booth into giving us 2-for-1 tickets with the sad tale of our canceled show and crushed hearts.

So the evening went from a Florence and the Machine vibe to a Country-Hipster-Indie-Rock concert. And we rolled with it. We danced with L, fought off would-be photo-bombers for some FB worthy pics, and fully embraced the fact that we were incredibly overdressed for the revised plan/crowd. We even ended the evening with a little greasy diner grub and people watching.

Overdressed and not-as-planned didn’t really matter that much in the end, dear internet. It was a sporadic and lovely Wednesday night, all in all.

We made some delicious and happy lemonade out of a disappointment. 

Via: vanillyn.com
Via: vanillyn.com

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My sister in law recently sent me a great blog on picking a life partner, with adorable illustrations. (Part One and Part Two)

And while some of it focuses on the aspects of being single, one of the greatest points it makes is this; most of life with someone else is a series of Forgettable Wednesdays*.   (*Their term, not mine)

It’s not how well you get along at Christmas or on your honeymoon or on their birthday. Life is a series of average weeknights. How you spend those and your ability to have fun and find happiness and love on a daily basis is what really truly matters in the big ole’ scheme of life.

And while this wasn’t a sit-at-home-with-Netflix Wednesday night, I would like to take that post’s sentiment one step further. Average nights are a factor, but it’s also what you do when things go awry that defines your happiness.

It is the ability to make lemonade that really matters to me.

Via: kidzworld.com
Via: kidzworld.com

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

In family, in friendship, in romantic relationships, I want to be with fellow lemonade makers.

I want to surround myself with people who won’t take the first hit and go down. The ones who say “whelp, that didn’t go as planned… so let’s just wing it.” Make the best of it. See the bright side and salvage positive from the less than ideal.

I don’t know if there is a specific word to describe that characteristic or not. (It’s more/different than just optimism) But it’s one I certainly try to possess and seek out in others.

Life can be a series of mishaps and oops and what now’s.  I want people in my life who will boldly declare “New Plan!” in the face of disappointment. Who will say “let’s go make some lemonade” right alongside me.

I am pretty sure it makes life more delicious.

hipgadgetgirl tumblr

(Or there is always this alternative approach, of course)



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