TBT : I Wanna Shoop, Baby.

Hey, yeah – I wanna shoop, baby.

In honor of Throw Back Thursday (TBT for the uninitiated) I want to start revisiting some of the songs and corresponding music videos from my childhood.  I should be honest, I am sure a vast majority of this is going to focus on the fashion and my new understanding of the lyrics.

Today I bring you the comic and neon gem that is 1994’s “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa (S-n-P for the sake of this article). I am not sure I have ever seen the music video until today. And it’s pretty spectacular.

It was also educational. As I child I certainly did not know all the words.

(Anything italicized below are song lyrics, btw.)

Let me break it down for you:

“Oooo, how you doin’, baby?”

(Fade in on a boardwalk and snazzy car, manned by none other than our sassy female protagonists.)


“Here I go, here I go, here I go again (again?)”

– Before we get too far, I think we need to zoom in on these outfits and understand them a bit more…



“Girls, what’s my weakness? (Men!)”

– That, umm, mullet shirt thing with matching hot pants! The vest with no pants! That elf hat! It’s almost too much. But then I recall that this is 1994 and suddenly it feels right again.

– Right off I am struck by how tongue and cheek this feels… and I adore it. S-n-P are clearly the oglers, not the ogled and I feel like they are on the brink of busting out into laughter at the turned tables, especially in a music video. This is silly and makes me smile.


“Wicked, wicked (oooo) – had to kick it”

– And cue coordinated dancing. And don’t forget about the stripes, the short-shorts and the glorious colors. Ahhh early 90’s, come back to us!


“I’m not shy so I asked for the digits
A ho? No, that don’t make me”

– That’s right! You CAN be a straight forward female and ask a man out. And that doesn’t not make you a hussy, no it doesn’t. Sing it girl.

– These are our dreamboat men that the lovely S-n-P are admiring. They seem nice I guess.


– Um, anyone sure what they are doing here? It seems to involve wads of money, some dice and perhaps the hand jive. This is not a career path I am familiar with. I begin to grow concerned for our lovely S-n-P and their taste in men…

– It was the 90’s. Are there Pogs involved, mayhaps?

“Shoop shoop ba-doop
Shoop ba-doop”

– Coordinated Side Leg Kick aaaaaand Go! I need to learn some of these dance moves, you guys. Can you just imagine me busting these out in the club?


“Shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop”

– I had somewhat forgot how basketball was such a big thing everywhere, especially in hip hop and pop in the early 90’s. So now of course our music video transitions into the b-ball montage portion.


“Brother, wanna thank your mother for a butt like that (thanks, Mom)
Can I get some fries with that shake-shake bootie?”

– Once again the reverse objectification is amusing and almost satire. Yes, let’s point out these gentlemen’s derrieres.

– For the record, Webster defines derriere as “the part of the body which you sit on”.  Ha.

– Also, the building in the back looks like my building when called Brooklyn home and now I am all nostalgic for living in NYC. Le sigh.


“Shoop shoop ba-doop (Don’t you know I wanna shoop, baby)”

– Yes, you might have mentioned your interest in shoop-ing.

– I am still adoring all the dancing, stripes and neon signs. That is all.


“Well let me bring you back to the subject,”

– I think the subject should be that those are AWFULLY short shorts, ladies.


“When you skip-to-my-lou, my darling”

– Watching men play shirtless football on the beach. Totally a typical occurrence.

– With socks and shoes on for some reason, but still. I can work with this.


“Not falling in love but I’m falling for your (super sperm)”

– Wait, what?

– I am digging the hot pink mesh one piece. I would rock that, terrible tan lines and all.

– Also I am very uncomfortable by the term “super sperm”.  Just me?


“Shoop shoop a-doobie like Scoobie Doobie Doo”

– First socks then this? NO! You are doing it wrong! No suits on the beach! Sheesh, does no one in this music video world know how to beach correctly?


“I like what ya do when you do what ya do
You make me wanna shoop”

– Yeahhhhh…. I am starting to suspect that this song might have some ulterior motives, guys…

– I believe if I was to urban dictionary “shoop” right now it might taint my childhood memories of singing this…


“Shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop”

– Hey there’s a distraction from my disturbing revelations! Jumping jacks on the beach! Guys do that together, right?

– I also feel somewhat bad for the guy on the far left… not the best wardrobe choice for him.


“S and the P wanna kick with me, cool (uh-huh)”

– (Cue the rando rapper interlude.)

– I think if ladies of this quality want to hang out with you, perhaps show more enthusiasm than “cool”? Just sayin’.

– And what is he wearing? A life preserver / crop top / bag? I don’t understand.


“Oh, you make me wanna shoop”

– These are some seriously athletic dances happening. The stills really don’t do these moves any justice. Just FYI.


“Hey yeah, I wanna shoop, baby”

And our fade out is previously mentioned shoe-and-sock-adorned gentlemen running on the beach to a dreamy fade out filter.

And that’s it!  


I hope you all enjoyed that journey. It was quite an adventure for me and only slightly traumatizing. I was afterall, 10-11 years old when this music video came out.

And now, for some LESSONS LEARNED:  (‘Cause learning is the greatest)

– Ladies can be bold and ask out guys and it makes you a bad-ass.

– You can never wear too many stripes.

– If you are going to dance, do it in synchronized groups of your closest friends in matching outfits, natch.

– If your man-friend has a nice butt, you should express your gratefulness to his mother.

– Shorts can never be too short to don in public.

– Men should not be allowed to pick their attire for the beach.

– Men really should not be allowed to dress themselves at anytime.


Thanks Salt-N-Pepa for all the life lessons.


Here’s the full video if you need a stripity, neon fix full of shirtless men that I am PRETTY SURE is talking about sex.

**All images screen captures from Vevo/YouTube music video.


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