A reminder for the trusting, easy-believers.

Today is a good day for you to skip the internet.

In case you forgot, it’s April Fools Day.

(I don’t know how you would forget, but still. It’s worth mentioning. Common courtesy and all.)

This is a day to control your gullibility (is that a word?) and suspend your belief in the extreme.

This is the day in which the world collectively regresses to being a mischievous seven year old.

And brings us stories such as this farmer in Suffolk with chickens that began laying square eggs, out of the blue.

Via: itv.com
Via: itv.com

Or how the British government is going to look into a ban on selfies.

Did you know that someone recently sported the thought to be extinct manaphin (manatee/dolphin hybrid) off the coast of Florida?


ThinkGeek finally is producing a flux-capacitor car charger. No news on whether it provides juice only at 88 mph. (And this one will doubtlessly become real faster than you can say “great scott!“)

Tired of reading all these boring words? Well have no fear! Google Chrome can now translate all web pages into easier to read (and so cute!) emojis. Who needs words when you can have little animated faces to tell your tales?

Cheetos is also branching out into the fragrance business, capitalizing on the thousands of individuals who want to smell like processed fake cheese products. I hear it’s quite alluring.

Now I thought I was unusual referencing¬†my breasts as my “shelf” but apparently there is enough of a demographic referring to mammories as “Cats in Sacks” that True&Co is changing all of their sizing names to kitten related terms. I must try out a Double Fluffy.

via: trueandco.com
via: trueandco.com

So just maybe avoid the internet all together, huh?

Or check it out, skepticism fully in place, and a enjoy a couple good chuckles.

(Here are a couple links to more complete lists of some of this year’s and historic best / silliest hoaxes:)

New York Times


ABC Australia

Time Historic Jokes

CBS Historical Jokes

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