Cubicle Confessions

I don’t like to chat too much about work on this blog, since it is mostly intended to be a light and fluffy outlet about life and relationships and travel-lust and random funny things.

What I do between 9&5 to pay my bills is an aspect of me, of course, but there are plenty of blogs dedicated to being a designer, an architect, a professional, etc etc. I spend 8+ hours of my day thinking about what I do, and I like to keep my life in cozy little multi-faceted compartments. This blog is about me as a human, not as a professional working adult. (Ha.)

However, as an inhabitant of a cubicle, even one in a job that I absolutely adore, I sometimes are struck by some of the silly (and not always very professional) things I do/think/try/want/etc while in the “business-casual” mode of me.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

– Sometimes when I am having a not so great day, I totally peek ahead to the next page on my “Awesome Things” one-a-day rip off calendar to see if tomorrow’s entry is more amusing.

– Sometimes I work through lunch. Sometimes I write blog posts during lunch. There was one time I watched an episode of Veronica Mars during lunch and felt totally rebellious but guilty.

– Sometimes when I am in the mood for some NSFW music I put my headphones on… because I just need to hear some Trick Daddy right then, business hours be damned.

– Sometimes I put on my headphones without any music simply because they are so cushy and comforting.

– Sometimes, no matter how much I love it, I dream of stumbling upon a huge amount of money allowing me to have work as an option, not a necessity. (I have played the lotto twice, but am just not the luckiest of girls I guess.)

– Sometimes I dance at my desk while listening to my music. Okay, I am almost always dancing. (And if my headphones are on, it could be to ANYTHING… but most likely it’s either TLC or Tay-Tay. I can’t pretend to be cooler than I am.)

– Sometimes I win at multi-tasking. Like reading essential Buzzfeed articles while files are opening. Hey, I work with large files… they take a while to get up and running.


– Sometimes I get extra excited when I have gotten the days of the week backwards, and it’s actually Wednesday not Tuesday. Somehow this feels like I just got a free day off, even though Tuesday and Wednesday both certainly happened. But I decide to process this as a bonus, not a blond moment.

– Sometimes I think Office Space was possibly one of the most brilliant movies ever written, even though my office isn’t anything like that.

– Sometimes I find it utterly incomprehensible that I am actually in charge of things and decisions and real world stuff when I still feel and act like a 12 year old much of the time. It’s as if my life is Big, but I don’t work at a toy design company. (But how AWESOME would that be? I did always want to be in charge of naming crayon colors…)

– Sometimes I imagine the hallway between my office and the restrooms is a runway. I may or may not strut. Sometimes you just have to work it.

– Sometimes I worry that I over-share and have no professional boundaries with my coworkers.

– Sometimes I am concerned that the only reason people talk to me is to hear my latest disasters-in-dating story and that if I stop dating or settle down that I will no longer have any social currency and they will all tire of my same old stories.

– Sometimes I am amazed by the wonderful friendships I have, all initially developed from the fact that we spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in near proximity to each other. (It’s probably all that over-sharing… we are now bound for life because you know too much.)

(Sometimes I sing this song in my head while I walk to and from the office. Hey, it’s catchy.)

Happy happy Friday, dear world!

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