My Pinterest Me: Home Decor DIY Edition

The Pinterest version of myself is quite the expert in DIY home decor crafts.


My Pinterest Me makes wallpaper‘” for accent walls and doors only using some fabric and corn starch.

My Pinterest Me ties fresh lavender around candles for a rustic, natural version of incense and decor. (Lavender grown at home in adorable diy planters from switch plates or brightly painted colanders, natch.)

My Pinterest Me makes coffee-bean-infused homemade candles in handcrafted cement votives when she is tired of lavender.

My Pinterest Me has a desk lamp made from a used can of spray paint to show off her artsy-industrial side.


My Pinterest Me has a bath mattrivet and giant decorative ball, all crafted out of used wine corks, because they are nature’s reminder that wine is delicious.

My Pinterest Me re-purposes all those empty wine bottles into vases and chandeliers and candle holders.

(My Pinterest Me apparently has too many candles.)

My Pinterest Me has a empty picture frame strategically hung for all those Instagram party moments at her pad.

My Pinterest Me has made a complete set of ironically monogrammed dishes using nothing more than an oven, a sharpie and her mad artistic skills.

No. Just.... No. Via:
Not what my interior looks like.   Via:

My Pinterest Me serves brunch on river-rock place mats next to a table runner crafted from pages out of vintage Victorian romance novels.

My Pinterest Me further destroys old novels for novelty (ha) while making seasonal paper flowers from books acquired in quirky antique shops.

My Pinterest Me covers her walls with twee hand-stenciled signs on reclaimed barnwood from the south of France.

My Pinterest Me has downloaded terrain, watercolor and data maps of various cities to create a plethora of crafts that you would not even begin to understand.


My Pinterest Me is pretty darn crafty when it comes to decorating her home.

The Pinterest version of myself is totally not real.

Except for that whole fabric/wallpaper thing. That happened and is rather fabulous.



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