Hey Blog, I Remember You!

So, after just writing a post about how I haven’t been posting, I took another unintentional break from posting.


Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I think I kind-of have an excuse though, dear internet. I have been busy. Really busy.

(Like the busy and important kind of busy.)

via: buzzfeed.com
via: buzzfeed.com

Or something like that.

So to justify my slacker-ness…

here is a list of things I have been doing instead of blogging lately.

  • Watching House of Cards and Sherlock and Downton Abby. (Can you blame me?)
via: tumblr
via: tumblr
  • Trying to binge-read my book club books BEFORE the meeting. (Go-Go-Gadget-SpeedRead!)
  • Skiing. A lot. Like both days every weekend,. Like last chairlift and making them drag me off the mountain a lot. (Like I might be obsessed and have a problem a lot.)
Via: tumblr
Via: tumblr
  • Spending the long weekend chillin’ and craftin’ with my Moms. (The best!)
  • Finalizing my tattoo design. (You know, PERMANENT art on my body)
via: buzzfeed.com
via: buzzfeed.com
  • The Symphony… two weekends in a row. (Just getting my culture on, nbd.)
  • A couple happy hours, girl’s night out’s, dinner with friends, dance parties, etc. (Normal, necessary socializing.)
via: tumblr
via: tumblr
  • Bowling. There was some bowling. (I got a 101… it was pretty epic.)
  • Beginning to plan my next solo travel adventure. (Belize, perchance?)
via: buzzfeed.com
via: buzzfeed.com
  • Shopping for things I would need on this potential future trip. (You can never start preparing too soon!)

So I think what that list proves is that I really have no excuse for not blogging lately.

I have no good stories, no grand adventures, no funny antidotes, no epic fails.

via: dumpaday.com
via: dumpaday.com

Just life.


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