First Skiing, Then the Symphony.

This weekend was pretty darn lovely, dear internet.

It was a jam-packed with several somewhat diverse pursuits and adventures.

It was a weekend that made me fundamentally happy… but tired.

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

(In my mind, I am as adorably glamorous as below, if she had just finished surfing.)

Via: littlebitsoflovely.
Via: littlebitsoflovely.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

First, Skiing…

Yep, I am OFFICIALLY bitten by the ski bug and it’s a sickness I don’t want a cure for.

For the second weekend in a row, my ski buddy and I went up on both Saturday and Sunday. (It’s almost like we are becoming winter people or something.) Somewhat nasty cold and snowy weather wasn’t any sort of deterrent to our determination to graduate from the bunny hill and spend the whole day in the basin.

You know, the real mountain. Like where the adults ski and all.

Not that there aren’t still plenty of children there too (an irresponsible dad caused my friend a nasty crash and resulting monster bruise on Sunday), but generally speaking the kids are so much better than me at this whole “skiing thing” and therefore I just see them as tiny little talented adults.

Anywho, we braved the single-digit wind chill factor for our first true experience with significant fresh powder and mile+ long runs.

It was terrifying. It was beautiful. It was incredibly tiring and equally exhilarating.

Since exercise = endorphin for my body while learning = endorphin for my brain, (clearly I don’t totally comprehend how endorphins or the body works but you get the jist.) it’s pretty much the perfect complete mind and body activity.

Now I know why people don't take pictures of ski hills in super snowy weather.
Now I know why people don’t take pictures of ski hills in super snowy weather. They don’t do it justice.

What Skiing is REALLY About…

Yes, skiing totally checks the box for my desire for sports and physical activity. I am a jock at heart and learning (and starting to master) a new sport is a personal drug for me. That should be an obvious reason why I am happy to have spent almost every weekend since New Years chasing powder.

But it’s more than that. It’s about camaraderie and friendships. It’s about telling stories and developing inside jokes. It’s about car dance parties while stuck in traffic and singing on the chairlift. It’s about cheering for your successes and even more for your friends.

It’s about being adventurous and outside your comfort zone. It’s about feeling like a badass and maybe even a true Colorado girl for a moment. At least until you yard sale it.

It’s a chance to conquer a season I previously disliked. (I see you winter, and I will make you MINE! Mu-hahahahaha!)

Also, all this crap.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Then, the Symphony…

So after a full day of skiing, I headed out for the symphony with a Culture Friend. It was a screening of Casablanca, possibly one of my all time favorite old school movies (Humphrey Bogart… swoon!) but with the music tracks isolated and removed.

The live symphony then seamlessly intertwined the score along with the Dooley Wilson musical numbers into the film. (Other than As Time Goes By… I think they were afraid it would be sacrilegious to mess with such an iconic number.)

All and all, it was a lovely adventure seeing this classic film in a room full of people and on a big screen. The members of the symphony even seemed to have a bit of fun during the Knock on Wood number, gamely crying out the call and repeat lyrics. The crowd laughed at the the quips, hushed at the intense moments, and at the end got to applaud some incredible musicians.

It would have been great, of course, to hear more of the symphony in their own glory. But I thought they did such an excellent job enhancing the movie verses competing with it that I was completely content with the evening.

Post-Symphony beverage of choice. So fancy.
Post-Symphony beverages. So fancy.

What the Symphony is REALLY About…

The symphony is partially about remembering that I am a multi-dimensional person, equally loving sports and art. It’s a way of rewarding my intellectual side, especially after a day of pushing physicality.

It’s a great escape, (Steve McQueen, what?) a beautiful colorful experience. Nothing compares to live music artfully executed. And as a bonus, I get wonderful conversation as well.

It’s an opportunity to get out and about in this city that I am still in the progress of making my own. It’s a chance to remember that even though I no longer live in my beloved NYC, there are a plethora of ways to get my culture-fix.

It’s a great way to prove that even though I am bone-tired from pushing myself down a snowy hill all day I can still rally and be social.

And put on pants.

Pants are hard.

Especially when my couch is so ridiculously comfortable.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So it was, all in all, a WONDERFUL weekend. Just let me play jock during the day and get my artsy-on in the evening, surrounded by lovely people, and I am a happy, happy girl.

Even my “An Awesome Thing a Day” calendar seemed to know this morning:


That is both awesome and a pretty darn accurate summery of my weekend.

(And yes, it reminds me of a different randomly awesome thing every day. My friends know me well and give the best gifts! Also, I clearly say awesome too much.)

I should note that last weekend I also skied both days and went to the symphony.

Both weekends have been my favorite so far in 2014. Hands down.

I really do need a nap though.

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