One Simple First-Date Rule

This is probably the closest I will ever come to a PSA.

But this one is important to me.

It is super simple.

And it’s a really great way to keep safe in the adventurous world of modern (often-online) dating.

So anytime I go on a first date, usually that awkward first in-person encounter from attempts at finding love online, I follow one simple thing from a safety standpoint. (Other than all the obvious “go somewhere public”, “don’t get drunk”, “trust your gut”, etc type stuff.)


_ _ _ _ _ _ _


– I send a text to my friend when I am headed to the date.

– I tell her the name of the place I am going.

– I let her know what time we are meeting.

– And the name of my date. (First and last, if I know it.)


– When the date is over, and I am back at mi casa, I shoot her another text to let her know I am safe and sound.

And that’s it!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

(This image has nothing to do with this content… I just thought the baby elephant was cute.)


Now this might seem silly or overcautious or paranoid or pointless but hear me out.

I know, that if my friend doesn’t hear from me by the morning, that she will look for me. She will know basic information about my plans that could be incredibly helpful in locating me.

I know from watching enough episodes of Law and Order that I am less likely to be killed if I verbalize that someone is expecting me and knows where I am. (Getting all my safety tips from tv is totally logical and based in facts. Cause tv never lies, right?)

It’s a reciprocal rule, with her texting me the same info on her first dates. I like the rule so much that I have started spreading it around to other single friends, telling them I am more than happy to be their first-date check-in. I know that I sleep better at night knowing my buddies are safe. Maybe it’s the pseudo-mom in me.

Is it likely that I will go on a date with some psycho-pants and get kidnapped or mugged or something? No, not very likely.  But better safe than sorry I say. It takes literally seconds to shoot off a text. It is very little effort for a back-up plan, safety-net, what have you.

And I know it makes me feel safer, and therefore braver in facing the experience of meeting a perfect stranger, hoping for a romantic connection.

It’s great to put your heart on the line. It’s not smart to put your safety out there too.

Sometimes it’s nice to know someone is looking out for you.


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