Ten Random + Occasional Ponderings

I have always been a curious creature and my brain is often a strange landscape of odd thoughts and contemplation.

I like understanding and asking why, always have and always will.  Normally my queries are based in some sort of logic. And then there are the random, non-essential and nonsensical ones that work their way to the surface of my mind.

Now, don’t misunderstand me… it’s not as if I spend a particularly large amount of time contemplating said items. It’s just that every once in a while these same thoughts and queries pop-up and make me think.

They are fundamentally arbitrary, silly and unimportant.

And not worth the effort of actually pursuing.

I know I could probably find real, concrete answers to all these very quickly on the old interwebs, but I would rather just occasionally ponder, thankyouvermuch.

Via: metroparent.com
Via: metroparent.com

Some Random Things I Sometimes Think About:

10. Who eats Good N’ Plenty? (Such a strange candy)

9. How is it acceptable to go out in public in pjs? (I am look at you, airplane travelers)

8. Why in the world hasn’t the US adopted the Metric system?

7. Why are plain nuts tasty until put in chocolate, whereupon they immediately repulse me?

6. Was there an Old Zealand?

5. Do we all really see the same colors or is every individual’s vision a slight variation based on how the brain processes hues?

4. Why aren’t all women’s pants sized by waist/length like guy’s pants?

3. Is it possible to ever sync all clocks in your house to read the same time?

2. Why haven’t we domesticated zebras yet?

And the one that always gets me….

1. Why haven’t we established an official sarcasm font/symbol/etc?


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