Things I Feel Like Doing Today

1. Nothing.

And that is all.



Nothing is what I feel like doing today.

It’s cold and snowy and gross out.

I am in the middle of the middle of a project at work, without any real pressing deadlines or excitement.

I can’t think of any good music to listen to. Or books to read. Or movies to watch.

I feel bloated (might have been the cookie dough and wine for dinner last night?)

I am just getting over a cold, so I still feel a bit wiped out, but certainly not ill anymore.

I am lethargic.

Kind of sleepy.

My hair isn’t cooperating.

I am officially meh.

It’s not a bad day… nothing has really gone wrong.



I just don’t feel like doing today.

For an individual who tends to run to extremes on feelings and enthusiasm, a flat-line day is a great rarity for me indeed. I don’t usually do ambivalent or indifferent or whatevs (except in my fake-hipster impressions, which are pretty amazing, if I can say so myself.)

I am rarely apathetic.

And when I am, I don’t like it.  (I guess I feel strongly against feeling detached?!)

I hate feeling like I am wasting a day being grey.

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