Hungover from happiness, not alcohol.

*Warning: There is a bunch of DayQuil in my system, so this post may or may not actually make any sense. Or I could be sporadically brilliant while hopped up on decongestants… one never knows.


As a kid, I know my mom dreaded it when I went to sleepovers.  I would almost always get super sick right afterwords… the inevitable aftermath of too much fun and too little sleep.

Not much has changed since I have gotten older. Yesterday was one of those days; the horrific aftermath of a good time… and today isn’t much better.

It’s my body’s hang-over from fun and being happy, no alcohol required.  

There is something about have one of those incredibly perfect fun-filled days, invigorating and exciting and hilarious and exhausting that pretty much guarantees a terrible cold will strike… my body’s retribution for too much fun?

Not one of my personal favorite traits.



So Saturday, I was feeling the beginnings of some sniffles, and though sheer willpower held off this cold. After all, I had a whole day booked with skiing / outdoor-exercisey fun followed up with a  dinner kinda-double-date/group-hang. I had plans. I had potential. My body simply wasn’t allowed to feel crappy right then.

All told, I was social and laughing and “on” for 18 straight hours… 6 am to midnight.

Sunday, unsurprisingly, my body went to total crap.

It’s like my system says to me: “Oh, so you want to go have a wonderful day? You want me to be active and social and charming and laughing and playful? You want to push it when we aren’t 100%? Totes fine, but you better believe I am going to fundamentally SHUT DOWN tomorrow.

It’s a matter of paying the piper… and time and time again I push it off, embracing the temporary satisfaction knowing I will pay the price later.

Sometimes I think I am reckless with my body in this way… convincing it that we can gogogogogogogogogogogogo forever. Even knowing that the moment I pause, it will all come crashing down in a fiery explosion of feeling terrible and  illness. (usually in the form of my body’s impressive ability to produce snot.)



You would think I would understand this about myself by now… knowing when my spirit and mind are ready and willing to go adventuring recklessly all day, that my body is weak. That my body will ALWAYS make me pay for pushing it and for pure, unadulterated fun.

But considering that Saturday was one of those rare and lovely days where everything just goes right and your face quite literally hurts from all the smiling and laughing, I don’t think I would do it differently.  I am stubborn. I want to do the things I want to do. I just know sometimes there is a physical price to pay.

So I had a great Saturday. And now, I am going to be a gross-mucus monster for a couple days.

A cause and effect that I am accustomed to.


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