A Day Without a Scarf is a Day Wasted.

I am not entirely sure when or how it happened.

But I must confess to you, dear internet, that I have an obsession.

A specific fashion fixation.

And that problem’s name is… scarf.

Hey, if it's good enough for Grace Kelly...  via: clothesonfilm.com
Hey, if it’s good enough for Grace Kelly… via: clothesonfilm.com

Today, I heart scarves.

But it was a love that started slowly… an inferno that took years to build into a blaze.

I used to think of them as your go-to winter fare… you know, something fleece and long and cozy that your mom would bundle you up in as a child. I could take or leave them. I might have owned one or two super basics that were stashed away with the knit hats and galoshes… accouterments for the extreme, not the mundane and not the daily.

A couple years ago, I gave scarves a try again. You know, just something cute but warm to get me through a chilly fall day. I picked a couple up while traveling or was given them as gifts.

Isn’t that how it always starts? Innocent… until you realize that you have more scarves than shoes?

Via: latimesblog.latimes.com
Via: latimesblog.latimes.com

And so, my love grew.

Suddenly, I was no longer wearing them for below freezing weather or to compensate for short hair.

No, I was flagrantly throwing them on in the spring and early summer. Tossing one around my neck just for style or fun. Grabbing a scarf because it just felt good and right.

There was even a time or two that I convinced myself the weather-man was lying. “Naw,” I thought, “it looks MUCH colder than 73 out there today… I should grab a scarf just in case.” Better safe than sorry was my conscious self-delusion, clearly nothing more than self-satisfying justification for excessive scarf-ing.

And then there were patterns, textures, a variety of weights and materials and finishes.

There were “fancy evening” scarves, and “casual-sporty” scarves, and “you might as well have some sort of fuzzy wild animal around your neck” scarves.

Shapes and colors and styles that I previously didn’t know existed were suddenly gaping holes in my soul… requirements for my wardrobe and essentials for the happiness of my neck.

Who was I to deny the needs of my body?

Via: madamesouffle.blogspot.com
Via: madamesouffle.blogspot.com

And that is the short story of how it happened… Of how I became a scarf person.  

I am not sure if there is any going back from here.

I think I will just embrace it… be that girl.

The one with all the scarves.

(At least it makes buying me b-day presents SUPER easy!)

God save me if I ever teach myself to knit.

Via: rottenecards.com
Via: rottenecards.com

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