Picking my Winter Pony

So I think I have done it.

I have committed myself to one main source of fun and entertainment for the next several months.

(Pretty much from a financial point of view at least. And since I tried to ignore money and needs for the last couple years, I have decided to let it take the driver’s seat this year, at least a bit.)

Just one main activity. And if you know me well, you know I am a multi-faceted (some would say fickle and easily distracted) kind of girl. I don’t JUST do one thing.

So this is strange.

But I have picked my winter pony to hedge all my bets on.

That horse’s name is Skiing.

via: thinkgeek.com
via: thinkgeek.com

Since I already wrote this post on my first positive ski experience in many years (less than two weeks ago) and my relative newbie-ness in skiing, I am not going to wax on about that. I will just reiterate that I own all the gear and know enough to get (somewhat) down the slopes and not hurt myself too badly.

My practice has come in random fits and starts over 10 years. My confidence and enthusiasm has mirrored that, reflective of the people and time in my life.

But I am in a good place right now. My job has it’s ups and downs, but is stable and I am generally happy. I have embraced my contented singleness and am running with it. I am actively expanding my friend circle and generally content.

2014 looks good.

viaL mydesintation.com
viaL mydesintation.com

So I am ready to have a winter sport… ready to not dread the five months out of the year when I can’t play outdoor volleyball, hike or go for a bike ride in the park. I am ready, finally, to make winter mine as well as the rest of the year. And for me, that requires a sport.

And I am trying not to half-ass this thing either. I am getting lessons, to tap into my inner self-competitive jock, and make skiing a sport for me, not just an activity. I am taking three lessons, to improve, for starters.

via: flickr.com
via: flickr.com

After lessons are done, I automatically get a season pass. Which means I am financially motivated to go up as much as possible since hey, I have already paid for it. Which means more practice. Which will (hopefully) make me into a rock star… or at least someone who can maybe go up at some point in time with all my double-black pals.

And most importantly, I have found a buddy to do this with. She may be a noob boarder while I am of the beginner, two-sticks variety, but we will both be at the same mountain, with the same motivation to embrace winter sports and improve. And we will have a safety buddy, too.

And somehow, even more important that a support system? She has a good mountain car and is willing to drive… in the awfulness that is weekend traffic in and out of the Rockies.


via: outsidebozeman.com
via: outsidebozeman.com

I have a good feeling about this winter.

via: break.com
via: break.com

I have a good feeling about this horse.

via: kimmiepoppins.livejournal.com
via: kimmiepoppins.livejournal.com

Afterall, what could possibly go wrong?

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