The Worst Things in Modern Dating

So many modern dating things are fantastic. 

Generally, I am a huge fan and advocate for new technology and how it makes our lives supremely better. However, there are always downsides to every positive, and while I am not sure dating has gotten worse, I am not always sure how tech has made it a better experience.

Now that we have the attention span of a gnat and the guts of the pre-courage lion a la Wizard of Oz, there are so many things that I personally dislike about going on dates and the early dating process.

I should note, I am not even going to touch the black hole of terrible things that exist in online dating… that would take at least several books if not a publisher and 1000+ pages.  Plus it’s a topic I have chatted about on multiple occasions, and I am trying to mix-it-up, ya’ll.

So here are my current, personal, Five Least Favorite Things about Modern Dating:

5. Facebook Wierdness: Making sure your FB profile pic is not too goofy face or off-putting, JUST in case he does any pre-date Facebook stalking research. Worrying that if you have mutual friends he will prejudge you based on your FB-persona.

(Yes, even with the privacy settings on… who really knows what all those options mean, anywho?) 


4. HBO No: Promising you their HBO GO password. Breaking up before you get their HBO GO login info.

(I wasted two weeks of my life and got NOTHING from you!)


3. Drawn Out Texts: Holding conversations over text that would be much easier and more rewarding by talking on said phone, but that seems WAY too forward and direct and instead you write essays for texts and your thumbs are always tired.

(Wait, I could just call him? Umm, what kind of girl do you think I am?)


2. Waiting For Texts: Seeing that dot-dot-dot of current typing which seems to go on forever. This is made much worse if it’s followed by a super short text.

(Will he never answer? Is he rewriting everything three times? Is he composing a novel?)


1. No Reply: The only thing that can compete with the horror that is watching a pending text indicator? There is the “Read” label after that cute message you sent, making it clear they saw what you wrote… and then sent no response.  Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

This doesn’t let you bask in your personal lie that maybe they just never saw your message.

This is the absolute worst in the history of life. 








2 thoughts on “The Worst Things in Modern Dating

  1. As a teenager, the only way that most guys my age communicate is through texting, at least when you first meet. That’s fine sometimes, but sometimes it’s a totally pain because it allows somebody to just leave you hanging. Also, not everyone is good at expressing themselves through words so you can get the wrong impression of somebody if they’re a bad texter.

    1. You are so right, Katrina… texting can be the best and the absolute worst. I do sometimes miss a good old fashioned phone call and how it forced people to actually say what they mean and listen to inflection.
      Plus, as a self-proclaimed bad texter, I wonder how many guys I have put off with my misread sarcasm.

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