15 Potential Reasons Why I Am Awake So Early

For some reason, unknown to me, I was awake super early this morning. 

No alarm. No plans to get up early. Just awake.

And not that good “Oh, Hello World!” kind of awake. The awake where you are still exhausted and don’t want to be up but cannot get your body to go back to sleep for some reason. And instead of actually getting up, you keep trying to go back to sleep but actually just lay in bed for several hours thinking about how you don’t want to be awake.

Unpleasant, to say the least.

So as I lay there, unhappily awake, I started brainstorming all the reasons why this happens, or could happen, to me.

And here they are…

15 Potential Reasons Why I Am Ever (unhappily) Awake Really Early:  

(From Least to Most Likely)

15. The world is going to explode in 10 minutes and only you can save it. (Nope, my life is not a comic book/movie)

14. Turning 30 has suddenly made me a morning person (Hahahahahah, no.)

13. There is something so pressing on my mind that I must blog about it instantly. (Naw, I can sleep through creativity)

12. Today is a big day with lots of exiting things happening. (I would probably be happy to be awake in this case)

11. I forgot to close my blinds last night and the sun wants me to be awake.

10. I had a bad enough dream that I have woken myself up crying or terrified. (This has happened.)

9. There is someone in bed with me (Ahhhhh! or Yeah!?!)

8. There is a dog/cat/animal that wants me to be awake.

7. I am going skiing/hiking/adventuring/somethings at an early hour.

6. I am not in my own bed/home (Since I travel quite a bit and never sleep well in new places, quite likely)

5. I had one glass of wine too many last night.

4. I am stressed about work/life.

3. I have to pee.

2. There are morning people outside/near me and they are loud (The eternal curse of a light sleeper)

1. The universe likes to toy with my emotions.


So good morning world, I guess.

But couldn’t you have waited a couple hours?


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