It is STILL not Ok, Cupid.

So I haven’t actually been on OKCupid or any other dating websites for a while… in fact pretty much since The Bronie happened. I just have gotten annoyed and tired of the whole situation and decided to take a bit of time not actively pursuing dating.

Maybe the world will throw something great my way without me trying.

However I still continue to get random messages and emails from time to time, even though the website must clearly show I haven’t been on in a couple months.

It has provided me with a sporadic source of entertainment though. Here is a little sampler of my favorite messages, from what I can see in the email previews. Who knows, I could be totally missing out on some winners.

*All names and places have been changed because I don’t want bad karma.


October 26th   : drakostar88 

Want to be friends with benefits?

Analysis? Thanks but no thanks.


November 30th   : Adonis01*

Hi,My name is Jason* I work as health coordinator. L live in Denver* close to the to the…

Analysis? Meh, not grammatically correct enough for me. I know, harsh but true.


December 1st   : govolocity*

Hi there! Did you know that kleptomaniacs don’t understand puns because they take stuff…

Analysis? Alas, I will never find out the end to that pun.


December 6th   : NonprofitJoe*

Love your smile. Up for meeting up and seeing where it goes? I don’t like to put restrictions on…

Analysis? I do feel like putting restrictions on whatever you think “meeting up” means.


December 6th   Adonis01*

Hi,My name is Jason* I work as health coordinator. L live in Denver* close to the to the…

Analysis? Wait a minute… did you really just send me the exact same word for word message a week later? Without fixing any typos? Answer is still no.


December 17th   pirovateease* 

I hate being the one doing that but… You listed the beach as something you can’t live…

Analysis? I am assuming the rest of this sentence was a smart comment about how I live in a land-locked state and how you feels the need to inform me that there is no beach here. Gee, thanks Sherlock. Assuming a girl is dumb is an AWESOME start.


December 18th  : Amazing_d4u*

Hello Hows it going? I was going through your profile and find it interesting, i would like to…

Analysis? Hey, not too bad! But wait, if I sound out your profile name… Ugh. Never mind.


So, yeahhhhhhhhhhh…..  

Needless to say that the world of online dating is full of a variety of characters.


At least it keeps me entertained without ever having to make any effort!

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