Love in the time of Radiohead

So many of my romantic problems I blame on Romeo and Juliet.

No, not the story-line. I have never liked the tale of Romeo and Juliet. I always found it to be mellow-dramatic and mostly a tale of terrible communication. I mean, they are like 13, meet for five seconds, decide they are soul mates and escalate to suicide pretty quickly.

It’s just a bit extreme and over-dramatic, even for me.


However, I have a soft spot in my heart for the 1996 Baz Luhrmann spectacle staring Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. (cue the flashbacks and misty water colored memories…)

I have always enjoyed the visual cacophony that defines a Baz Luhrmann film. This one is no different and has an absolutely fantastic soundtrack featuring Garbage, Everclear, Des’ree, and the Cardigans. It’s pretty awesome-possum. Still heart most of it, even today.

There was one song that particularly spoke to me as a typical angsty 13 year old girl… Radiohead’s “Talk Show Host”. Moody and haunting, as most of Radiohead songs are, this one had one line in particular that really stuck with me.

***CAUTION. F-bomb ahead, but it is quoted so it makes it okay, right? ***

You want me? Fucking come and find me.”

Simple words, pretty big underlying message.


I may not have really understood the heart of this as a teen, but I find this sentiment extremely relevant in dating today. To me it says that if you are interested in a romantic relationship with someone, then step up and let them know. It’s a song about the end of games, the end of double-speak, the end of maybes and kinda and perhaps.

Boldness. Bravery. Honesty.

That is appealing to me.

Maybe there is still a part of me that is a dreamy 13 year old… as difficult as that is to see in my cynical, sarcastic present. Maybe a part of me is subconsciously drawn to the archetypes and sentiments of a Shakespearean classic.

Maybe I just wish I could be that straight-forward and fearless myself.


Now, I don’t condone people going all R+J and killing themselves for love. And please don’t think omgtrueloveforever after one date or one moment of sexy eye contact through a fish tank at a masquerade ball thrown at your sworn enemy’s house. Just don’t.

I think I am too old or jaded to believe in love at first sight.  But someone willing to take a chance on love in a bold (not stupid or melodramatic) way? Someone who will just say how they feel?

I think at the end of the day that is what we ALL want… what we really, really want.

(Yes. I just ended this post with a Spice Girl’s reference. It happened.)

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