I must bake ALL of the cookies!

The holidays tend to make me more domestic than usual.

For some reason, I decided the best way to satisfy this need to create was to bake up a crap-ton (totally a technical unit of measurement) of my favorite holiday cookies and send them to some of my more remote friends.

Getting my supplies organized.
Getting my supplies organized.

Baking or cooking or creating anything really and giving it to others is, I am discovering, one of the main ways I show affection. (Something about different love languages or something? I think there is a book. I never read the book.)

I really did intend to do this LAST weekend so I could get cookies off before the post office got crazy, but that didn’t happen. So today, I spent around six hours having a baking/dance party in my kitchen. (Dancing helps me accomplish pretty much anything I have discovered.)

So much gingerbread!
So much gingerbread!

It was a good Saturday.

Here is my progress thus far…

  • 40 Snickerdoodles, baked and packaged up.
  • 48 Gingersnaps, all cooked and packed up, ready to go.
  • 61 Gingerbread men, trees, stars and snowflakes, baked and awaiting packaging.
  • A batch of Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Dough, chilling in the fridge, waiting for baking.
  • One batch of Chocolate Truffle makings, getting cold for assembly tomorrow.

I am still debating including Spritz (traditional Swedish butter cookies) and some good ole’ classic peanut butter cookies. Depends on how overzealous I am feeling on the morrow.

Then I still have to figure out the boxing, wrapping and deal with the terribleness that is the USPS this time of year. Ugh, maybe this was a better theoretical idea….

Starting the packing process.
Starting the packing process.

For me, there is something so incredible zen about the entire baking process.

Perhaps it is recollections of happy childhood days spent making messes in the kitchen with my mom. It could be the straight-forward but multi-layered procedure with a tangible something at the conclusion. There is also the clear feeling of creation… making something cohesive out of an assortment of disparate parts.

Or maybe it’s just the delicious smells.

The best thing about baking all day? I have absolutely NO desire to eat any sweets myself.

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