Spontaneous, terrible decisions…

…that I luckily have never made.

Via: lindseysprague.com
Via: lindseysprague.com

(Disclaimer: Usually only stopped because it’s late at night or I am on my way somewhere or with others who will stop me… this post is certainly not about intelligent self control.)

The following two things have crossed my mind on more than one occasion.

And even though I haven’t done either yet, and definitely feel like I dodge a bullet each time it occurs, I am pretty sure they will seem like a great idea once again in the future.

Hopefully I don’t spontaneously go for them.  (Also, sometimes I think I need a keeper.)


1. Do something drastic with my hair. I am not one of those people who is super attached to my hair, I mean it’s hair… it will grow back. I like changing it up quite often.

But still, going bleach blond or chopping it all of into a pixie sometimes seem like wonderful ideas to make in the moment. Ideas that will take years to recover from. Plus if I do them without researching, there is a distinct possibility that it will look TERRIBLE on me.

And looking terrible is surprisingly not one of my overarching goals in life.


2. Buy a kitten or puppy… or some other kind of adorable and random animal. I get sporadic moments where I am all like YEAH PETS! And I really want one! And I get online and look at them or get in my car to drive to a shelter.

Then I remember that having a pet is a huge responsibility, is expensive, and would put a big damper on my independence. I am just not in the right place to have a pet right now, and taking on responsibility for another living being should not be done lightly.

And as previously mentioned, I can barely keep my plants alive.


Via: wifflegif.com
Via: wifflegif.com

Generally I am all about being spontaneous in little things. I have made some super spontaneous decisions that I have absolutely no regrets about whatsoever. And I will hopefully continue to live dangerously, spontaneously, in the future.

Just not with extreme makeovers or (pet) parenthood.

I think both those things deserve a little more contemplation, don’t you?

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