A Brief Rant on Human Idiocy vs Wild Animals.

So I just stumbled upon this article about a new trend. People apparently think it’s cool to go underwater, find yourself a shark, then HUG IT AND HOLD ON. TO A SHARK.

It even has a name: “Shark-Riding“.

Ummmm, what??

Things like this trouble me greatly. They make me concerned for the well-being of our entire species, honestly.

It reminds me of when I lived near Yellowstone National Park, and you would hear all these stories about people walking right up to bison, moose, bears, etc for pictures. “That’s right hunny, go get CLOSER to the unpredictable wild animal,” said no one intelligent ever.

I remember hearing a story from my Dad about being up in Canada on a back-country canoeing trip. They had to stop early due to rangers hunting down a bear who had attacked some campers. Want to know why the bear attacked?

Well, the campers were cleaning fish IN THEIR TENT. Even if you are not the most outdoorsy of people, I would hope you know that while in a remote wilderness known to have bears you shouldn’t deconstruct meat in the place you plan on sleeping. Everyone knows this, right? Right?

Because of the stupidity of people,  I am pretty sure they ended up killing that bear.

Ugh, humans are the worst.

It’s true, I am an animal lover. I don’t think sharks and bears and such are evil creatures who’s soul desire in life is to seek out humans and maim!maim!maim!

But they are wild animals, guys. They are not puppies and kittens. They are not domesticated. (Do I need to bring up Siegfried and Roy? ‘Cause I will.)

They are not your friends, no matter how many cartoon versions of them we see or how fuzzy they look or by how easy it is to personify their adorable antics. We don’t totally know how their brains work, what they are thinking, or how hungry they are. As far as we know, humans are equally scary and unpredictable in their animal minds.

Really, it’s about having a little mutual respect.

Let’s just re-instill a little common sense in life, shall we?

Or not. Go ahead. Hug a shark. Poke a bear. Play tug of war with a wolf. Get in a small rowboat with a tiger. (I am looking at you, Life of Pi, fiction or no.)

I can’t stop you. And clearly, logic and common sense can’t stop you either. Just try not to encourage others. And don’t make me watch the viral video when it goes horribly awry. I will just for your inevitable sweeping of the prestigious Darwin Awards.

Sigh… humanity. 

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